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We connect to over 200 financial institutions in Australia, more than anyone else – so you can get a complete view of all your money.

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It’s like having a personal financial assistant keeping you on track and helping you make better decisions – best of all it’s completely customised and unique to your needs.


There are hidden opportunities to get the most out of your money. We will unearth them for you.


Upcoming bills, low account balances and cash flow warnings; alerts take the stress out of managing your money.


Sometimes you need to take action. Tasks help move you in the right direction.

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Money Priorities Dashboard

We are all unique, and so is our service. By setting your priorities we can help you take complete control of what matters most to you through the priorities dashboard. Discover more about our unique Money Priority approach.


Quickly see your Safe Spending amount, Net Worth and manage your transactions from the Overview dashboard.

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Manage my Spending

Get more bang for your buck. Set goals, understand where your money goes, create budgets and track your performance.


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Optimise my Banking

Bank like a pro. Save time and money by ensuring you have the right structure and products for you.


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What our customers are saying

"Awesome app! Never left a review before but this is amazing. Really helped me sort my finances as I always forget to pay bills etc. Overall view of all accounts etc is so helpful! Hard to believe banks don't use similar systems!"


Brilliant! Banks should be supplying this!

"Finally an app that allows me to view all my transactions from multiple financial institutions in 1 place, categorises them and provides real time budget tracking. For the past 5 years I have manually keyed every transaction into a basic budget app. This now does it all for you!"


Married, father of two, NSW

"Finally a budget tool that's worth paying for. Am impressed for days. Had tried so many other apps but they just didn't feel quite right until I tried money brilliant. Good choice of a name too because it's real brilliance. I highly recommend."

Best budget tool ever

Married, WA

"Love this product!!! Thought my budgeting was on point but this helped me budget even better and keep an eye on those lil dollar values. Holiday here I come!!!!"


Married with a fur baby - QLD

"MoneyBrilliant is the tool that brings all my financial decisions together (under one roof)! I love the Safe Spending feature because it allows me to see exactly how much money I actually have available."


Young Professional with Partner, NSW

"Keeps me in control. As a casual my pay is up and down so I need to be right on top of bills and spending. Its so easy to use."


Casual worker - NSW

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You take your security seriously, and so do we. Connect to over 200 financial institutions with the security of our partner Yodlee – a global leader in banking technology. Learn more about security.

Bank level security and encryption

Secure data partnership with a global leader

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Live Money Well

Tips, tricks and strategies to help you make better decisions about your money


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