December 30, 2018 / Life, Masterclass, Money

If you use Redi ATMs watch out for new fees

Key point NAB and some other financial institutions will start charging fees for using Redi ATMs from 1 Jan 2019.... View Article


December 25, 2018 / Money

Spending Shakedown – Health

Health care is a significant and growing part of household budgets and government spending and unfortunately, most of it probably... View Article


December 22, 2018 / Life, Masterclass, Money

Join a MoneyBrilliant Financial Boot Camp – get financially fit

If you need some extra help and motivation to get on top of your finances, we could have just the... View Article


December 19, 2018 / Money

Spending Shakedown – Education & Training

Furthering your education can be quite costly. Some things are set, often fees and charges by the institution you choose... View Article


December 19, 2018 / Life, Money

Pay Less for Energy

Rising energy costs have put a lot of strain on household budgets over the past couple of years. They’ve also... View Article


December 19, 2018 / Life, Money

Consume less electricity

Electricity and gas bills have gone up a lot in the last few years. There are two ways you can... View Article


December 18, 2018 / Money

Spending Shakedown – Other & ATM

It’s hard to provide specific guidance on how to reduce spending in this category. Chances are it’s mostly cash withdrawals... View Article


December 18, 2018 / Money

Spending Shakedown – Gifts and Donations

For most of us our spend on Gifts and Donations is a relatively small proportion of our overall household budget.... View Article


December 17, 2018 / Life, Money

Save Money on Subscriptions you don’t use (enough)

Service providers are smart. They know that if you pay for a service by direct debit, it’s likely that you’ll... View Article


December 17, 2018 / Life, Money

Dining & Eating out, just as much fun for less money

When people set New Year’s resolutions around their money, one of the more popular ways to save money is to... View Article


December 17, 2018 / Life, Money

Get ready to deal with your post-Christmas spending hangover

Every year in the lead up to Christmas there is lots of chatter about the amount Australians spend on credit... View Article


December 17, 2018 / Life, Money

7 ways in 7 weeks: Save More & Start the New Year financially fit

Christmas can be crazy busy and costly. If you’ve overshot your budget, or if you’re just keen to start the... View Article