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We connect to over 200 financial institutions in Australia, more than anyone else – so you can get a complete view of all your money.

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We’re always looking to save you money, by finding you better deals, helping you claim all your tax deductions and alerting you when something’s not quite right. We’ve got your back.

Get better deals

It’s time consuming to find the best deals for all your bills and financial products. So we’ll do the hard work for you.

Tax deductions

Ever wanted an easy way to manage your tax deductions? Now you have one. Get suggestions on what might be deductible.


Upcoming bills, low account balances and cash flow warnings; alerts take the stress out of managing your money.


Get the most out of your data. We’ll unearth the opportunities and watch out for the news and stories that may affect you.

Money Priorities Dashboard

We are all unique, and so is our service. By setting your priorities we can help you take complete control of what matters most to you through the priorities dashboard. Discover more about our unique Money Priority approach.

What our customers are saying

"I was looking for an alternative to pocketbook that knew which account was my savings, which was my bills account and which was my spending. This app offers that. It also allowed me to link my Flybuys rewards and my Coles credit card. I can manage everything in this app! I feel like I've actually taken back control. Please only improve on this app because the way it is now is so excellent I'd hate to see features lost. You have a solid new user here! Highly recommended!"


Phenomenally excellent. Left Pocketbook for this.

"Been using your App for the past 2 months and I love it! I love budgeting and doing other people's budgets and have always been on a lookout for an app that does exactly what the Money Brilliant app does! So much nicer looking at my budget with this app, rather than on my boring spreadsheet! Thank you for making this fantastic app and keep up the great work "


Engaged, no children - WA

"Awesome app! Never left a review before but this is amazing. Really helped me sort my finances as I always forget to pay bills etc. Overall view of all accounts etc is so helpful! Hard to believe banks don't use similar systems!"


Brilliant! Banks should be supplying this!

"Finally an app that allows me to view all my transactions from multiple financial institutions in 1 place, categorises them and provides real time budget tracking. For the past 5 years I have manually keyed every transaction into a basic budget app. This now does it all for you!"


Married, father of two - NSW

"Finally a budget tool that's worth paying for. Am impressed for days. Had tried so many other apps but they just didn't feel quite right until I tried money brilliant. Good choice of a name too because it's real brilliance. I highly recommend."

Best budget tool ever

Married - WA

"Love this product!!! Thought my budgeting was on point but this helped me budget even better and keep an eye on those lil dollar values. Holiday here I come!!!!"


Married with a fur baby - QLD

"MoneyBrilliant is the tool that brings all my financial decisions together (under one roof)! I love the Safe Spending feature because it allows me to see exactly how much money I actually have available."


Young professional with partner - NSW

"Keeps me in control. As a casual my pay is up and down so I need to be right on top of bills and spending. Its so easy to use."


Casual worker - NSW

"Within a few hours this app made me feel on top of my finances, and not one step behind like I always felt I was. I wish all of the functionality was available right now, I was disappointed at not being able to set savings goals. But hopefully it's not too far off, and if the current functionality is anything to go by, it should be amazing!!"


I don't feel one step behind anymore

"I’d been searching around for an app like this for a long time!! Something that organised what you had and then how to budget it!! All the other apps either do one or the other, and involved hours of inputting data yourself, but here it’s all done for you then you can just tweak the budget to get the results you want or deserve!! There are occasionally the few hiccups but hey for what you’re getting out of this app it’s so worth it!! Thanks again for changing my financial understanding money brilliant you really are brilliant with money!!"


Money brilliant is brilliant with money!

"I was a long time YNAB user, and YNAB was for me the best of the best. However, when they added automatic importing of transactions for the U.S. only I started to look for an alternative that would work for Australian banks. I tried 3 or 4 for a few weeks to see which one worked best for me, and Moneybrilliant ticks all the boxes. I really wanted an app with a solid budgeting solution as well as automatic importing and categorising of transactions. Moneybrilliant's budgeting works very differently to YNAB, but once I got my head around how to make it work it has been really great and I cancelled my YNAB subscription. I only write reviews when the app is either really bad or really good. If you're looking for a YNAB replacement for Australia, I highly recommended this one."


Best Australian alternative to YNAB

"Awesome app. Seamless integration with multiple accounts and financial institutions."

bao ho

Google Play Store Review

"I use this almost every day just to see the account balances in one place. By gathering all your transactions together, and the way it ‘learns’ how you categorise, this is the fastest way to get an idea of what you need to spend in Essentials and what you could reconsider in Lifestyle. I have spent time trying to get the Budget to yield sensible figures via mobile and although I suspect it has the features to do so I’m not there yet. Other comments about features being underdeveloped might be pertinent but these things take time. Lastly, the support is brilliant- they fixed an issue with an offset account in a day so ask them."


See what you spend so easily

"Best Aussie finance app that connects to bank accounts. Deserves much greater than 3* Supports super and investment accounts which makes it easy to see how my super is going; a wonderful intuitive UI; and still a lot of features for the free version that made me choose it over Pocketbook. Only downsides is no widget!"

Mysti Woodard

Google Play Store Review

"Amazing app for everyone who is serious about their finance and budgeting. Well done! Keep adding more exiting features!! Thank you"

Jan Profant

Google Play Store Review

"Well done for developing a very clean interface, ux has been designed well, I think you'll have me as a customer!"

Mathew Walker

Google Play Store Review

"The best Aussie budget app on the play store. Regular updates and devs that respond to feedback, and even call for a chat about the product. Always improving, lots of banks and accounts can connect with this app. Deserves more stars that's for sure."

Tyrell Masterson

Google Play Store Review

"The most fully featured Australian finance and budget app with bank integration that I have found."

Huw Edwards

Google Play Store Review

"What an App! I’ve only just got this app and I wish I had known about it sooner! What a perfect way to get on top of your finances!"

Creative Ledger

App Store Review

"I like that you can go into a section, think that’s it but press in there and surprise! It goes into more details! We got this mainly for its budgeting feature, but what we got was more than we could have hoped for, it all helps!"

Kat Budget

Its just Brilliant

"Recommend this to anyone and everyone! Helped me so much with my savings and spendings!"

Tara Jarratt


"I have been looking for this for years!!! In literally 1 minute I had all my accounts synced and transactions perfectly autocategorized!! Seriously!? Incredible. It even got my cc points ??"


Wow just wow!

"As a CFP with > 25 years experience as a Financial Planner, Money Brilliant is my goto tool for clients as a cash management and wealth planning ePartner."


Best money management tool

"I started using this app from January this year and absolutely love it. I have used a couple of other budgeting apps in the past, got frustrated and moved to MoneyBrilliant and looks like my final stop. Thank for creating this brilliant app :)"


Love this app

"Great interface and easy to set up and link accounts. Have enjoyed the general tips/advice. Look forward to having my accounts fully integrated so I can access customised advice to assist achieve my financial goals."


So far, so good

"Easy to use. Especially fantastic not to Ned all our receipts anymore as so automated. I love not using a calculator for hundreds of little receipts. I do miss having the tab option to write a note beside the transaction but really excellent otherwise with automated feeds from bank ."


Great for technophobes

"Really great way to see all of my accounts. Would be better with a transaction search feature."

Yolanda Hodoor


"For once I’ve found something that works that is centralised. It is intuitive and actually pretty damned near perfect."

Lori Woodward


"Easily tracks all your spending and gives you insights to budget properly."


Very useful App

"Once set up the app continues to monitor what’s coming in and out; providing tips and tricks. Love the petrol and bill reminders. These little judges have helped me optimise my spending and saving. Lives up to the name."


Little wins all add up

"This is the best money/personal finance I have come across. Everything you need to keep track of your finances. Thank you!"


What Ive been waiting for

"I use this daily to track my spending, investments, tax returns and overall manage our family budget. It makes life so much easier to have visibility of all my accounts in one place. App is easy to use and the support team have been great when I’ve needed help."



"So far so good, helps put financials into a better simplified approach"


Looks good

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