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COVID-19: Test Isolation and Worker Support Payments for Victorians

Updated: 4 August 2020 New payments have been introduced to help Victorian residents deal with the financial impacts of self-isolation... View Article


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COVID-19: Early access to your Superannuation and other options – updated

Updated: 23 July 2020 Key points People suffering the economic impacts of Coronavirus can apply to have up to $20,000... View Article


COVID-19, Money

COVID-19: Income assistance for individuals – updated

Updated: 5 August 2020 Key points JobKeeper is currently a flat $1,500 per fortnight. From 28 September it will be reduced... View Article



2019/20 Tax tip #5: Claiming a deduction for phone expenses

Using your phone for work purposes may allow you to claim a tax deduction if you paid the costs and... View Article



2019/20 Tax tip #4: Claiming a deduction for internet expenses

If you have an internet service at home (or via your mobile phone), you paid for it, you used it... View Article



Your Average Daily Cost of Living for June 2020

Key points Average daily spending has continued to rise after the initial dip in spending activity caused by COVID-19 June... View Article



2019/20 Tax tip #3 – Claiming a deduction for charitable donations

Making a gift or donation to a charity is generally tax deductible. The key things you need to consider are:... View Article


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2019/20 Tax tip #2 – Get your super sorted before June 30

Ok, so we’ve covered some of the special super options available to low income earners in the 2019/20 tax year.... View Article


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2019/20 Tax tip #1 – Super options for low income earners

There are various superannuation benefits available to people with low incomes or people with spouses with low incomes. Here we’ve... View Article



Get ready for tax time now

It’s almost that time of year again – tax time.¬† Whether you are one of the 3.5 million Australians that... View Article



Your Average Daily Cost of Living for May 2020

Key points After a small drop in the Average Daily Cost of Living in April 2020 there has been a... View Article


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New for May: Plan for Retirement enhancements and Bonus Interest Reminders

Now you can include non-super assets in Plan for Retirement Superannuation is a great retirement savings solution, but for some... View Article