July 31, 2019 / Life, Masterclass, Money

Need some help getting your debt under control? Join our Manage My Debt program

If you need some help to get your debt under control, we could have just the thing! From July 2019... View Article


July 30, 2019 / Tax

Australians have to learn to do more with what they have

A recently released government report confirms something most Australians would already know – we have to learn to do more... View Article


July 25, 2019 / Tax

Tax tips 2018/19 – Claiming a deduction for internet expenses

If you have an internet service at home (or via your mobile phone), you paid for it, you used it... View Article


July 16, 2019 / Money

Credit card interest rates still stubbornly high

Interest rates on (almost all) banking products have been crashing as the Reserve Bank has cut official cash rates over... View Article


July 15, 2019 / Money

Your Average Daily Cost of Living for June 2019

The concept of getting ahead financially is deceptively simple – earn more and spend less. If we can do this... View Article


July 11, 2019 / Money

Still paying for credit card insurance? You need to read this!

Major financial institutions have been slammed by ASIC again today over sales of consumer credit insurance. This type of insurance... View Article


July 5, 2019 / Tax

What the new tax cuts mean to you

The government succeeded in having their proposed ‘tax cuts’ approved by parliament yesterday. That means about 10 million Australians can... View Article


July 3, 2019 / Tax

Tax tips 2018/19 – Claiming a deduction for phone expenses

Using your phone for work purposes may allow you to claim a tax deduction if you paid the costs and... View Article


June 24, 2019 / Money

Tax tips 2018/19 – Claiming a deduction for gifts and donations

Making a gift or donation to a charity is generally tax deductible. The key things you need to consider are:... View Article


June 22, 2019 / Masterclass, Money

Insurers are refunding another $14.7m in premiums for useless insurance

During the week ASIC announced they had reached agreements with another 6 insurers to refund another $14.7m in premiums paid... View Article


June 13, 2019 / Tax, What's New

What’s the fuss about low balance and inactive super and insurance?

You might have seen some commentary in the media over the last month or so about low balance and “inactive”... View Article


June 12, 2019 / Tax, What's New

Tax tips 2018/19 – Get your super sorted before June 30

Ok, so we’ve covered some of the special super options available to low income earners in the 2018/19 tax year.... View Article