10 tips to finding more happiness

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What is happiness?  A journey?  A destination?  Or is it simply a way of being?  It’s kind of challenging to have a one size fits all answer.  Happiness means different things for different people.  It could be living in the present, not regretting past moments and being worried about future ones.  Or quite simply contentment, relaxation and chilling.  It could be satisfaction that’s work or study related.  Or spending time with loved ones or new acquaintances socialising.  The list goes on.

Taking all this in to account, we’ve listed our top 10 ways to help you get happy.  Feel free to comment and share more ways.  The happier we are, the happier we are….right?

#1 Sleep
Get enough and make it quality sleep.  Turn off the electronics at least an hour before bed and have a hot bath or read a book.  Use scents (oil burner, incense sticks, bath salts) to disconnect from the world around you and relax your body and mind.

#2 Eat well
Eating healthy is a great idea.  There are all levels of “health” available to us.  Clean eating, fresh eating, low calorie eating, I like the 80/20 rule.  Aim for less processed food.  Eat as fresh and healthy as you can 80% of the time, and embrace the meals where you take a break and eat something too yummy just because you can.

#3 Move
The more time we spend with our devices, the less we move.  Working days when we sit at a desk, computer or cash register all day are not helpful.  Do you get a break?  Walk around the block.  Just moving can clear your head and give you an energy boost to get you through to the next break.  Plan a walk or a swim on the weekend before you sit on the couch with your iPad.

#4 Keep hydrated
Water, water, water.  It’s so important.  There is an unending list of benefits attributed to drinking lots of water.  To list a few – it’s good for your skin, it helps regulate your body temperature, it’s helpful if you’re trying to control your weight, it helps power you through exercise, it can improve your mood, ease headaches and help your kidney function.  Why wouldn’t you have a glass right now?

#5 Exercise
Get those feel good endorphins running through your body.  Getting up in the morning and walking, jogging or doing a workout is a great way to start the day.  Sweating it out after a hard work day can be just as helpful, getting any frustrations from the day out and drawing a line between work time and home time.

#6 Meditate
If you don’t already give it a go.  Meditation can be as simple as 5 minutes lying down connecting with your breathing or an unlimited amount of time simply being.  There are classes, podcasts, and programs available for download sometimes free and sometimes for a cost to help direct you to a mindful state.  Otherwise a yoga class may be more up your alley.

#7 Manage your money
One of the number 1 causes of stress is money.  Understand your money behaviours.  Do a budget.  Know what’s coming in and what’s going out.  Understand what you can afford and what you need to save for.  Don’t spend it before you earn it.    Make sure you check in with your service providers at least annually to confirm you are paying the best price to suit your needs.

#8 Have the challenging conversations
Is something bothering you?  Is there something you are putting off talking about to your partner, colleague, or boss?  Take the time to plan what you want to say, and how you want to say it.  Schedule time in.  Frame the conversation for the other person so they know where you are coming from and where you are heading.

#9 Schedule your time out
Everyone I know is busy, busy, busy.  There is work, there is play, there are family commitments, sporting commitments, TV shows you need to keep up to date on, and social media you need to keep current on.  We are constantly bombarded by images, stories and expectations.  This is what we choose.  It’s empowering to also choose some time to switch off.  Finding that time isn’t always easy, so schedule it, make it a priority, put it in your calendar.  Do whatever works for you and use the time to recharge your batteries however you see fit.

#10 Get a pet
For those who like animals, what are you waiting for?  There’s dogs to give you cuddles and take you for walks, cats to keep you company with very little maintenance, fish that you can feed and get joy out of watching and let’s not forget the options of guinea pigs, birds and hermit crabs!

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