10 ways to a more productive you!

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How do you turn your procrastination in to productivity?  We can all be guilty of delaying an important task or making ourselves busy with one thing to avoid another.  Here are 10 ways to get the most out of your day!

Sleep – sleep is many things to many people, but when it comes to getting your groove on at home or work, making sure you’ve had your optimum hours is a big win.

Switch off from social media – there are all kinds of tips and tricks for this.  It’s not so hard to shut down your social media windows and turn off notifications on your phone.

Schedule your day – in the morning or last thing the night before check your calendar, ensure everything in there is relevant and doesn’t clash, then write your to-do list.  Mark certain times for certain task and just do them!

Tell people what you’re going to do – it’s a top tip for long term goals, tell your friends that you’re going to save to go on a holiday, or hit the gym 5 days a week.  Why not tell your colleagues that you’re going to finish a task today or by the end of the week?  Or tell the people you live with that you’re going to menu plan and shop to it?  There’s nothing like being held accountable to get you going.

Energy, energy, energy – beat that mid afternoon lag by taking a 15-minute stroll around the block after lunchtime or just as good, find yourself a private space and do a spot of yoga or meditation.

Reward yourself – Depending on the size and time frame of the task you are undertaking, reward yourself along the way or at the end.   Maybe finishing the task will be reward enough!

Adjust your attitude – be honest with yourself.  Identify your distractions and remove them.  Do you keep chatting?  Find a bolt hole, a spare office maybe, or a room with nobody in it, shut yourself away for as long as it takes with your distractions safe on the outside.

Start the job – often we find ourselves avoiding a task, it may be easy and it may be difficult.  If you can sit down for 2 minutes and focus, often that will give you the momentum you need to continue.

Change your environment – sometimes it’s the same old things that we distract ourselves with.  Writing an essay or report at home or the office?  Move it down to the local coffee shop.  They will be happy as long as you buy yourself a drink, and lots of times you will even get your water topped up for you as you work.

Chunk it down – its great to feel that you are on your way to finishing something, or achieving a goal……make the feeling even better by chunking the task down to milestones that you can be happy you’ve reached along the way.

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