What the 2018 Budget means for your hip pocket

Published on May 9, 2018 5:22 am, by

There is always a lot in a Federal Budget, but the 2 announcements that will have a direct and immediate impact on most people’s hip pockets are the Low & Middle Income Tax Offset and the changes to the $87,000 tax bracket. The extra cash from the Low & Middle Income Tax Offset will be available when you lodge your 2019 Tax Return (a long way off). The cash from changes to the $87,000 tax bracket should be available in your regular pay after 1 July 2018.

Here’s what the changes will mean for you.

Low & Middle Income Tax Offset

Annual IncomeAnnual Benefit
$0 - $20,000No benefit
$20,001 - $37,000$200
$37,001 - $48,000$200 - $530 (increasing at $0.03 for each $1 up to $530)
$48,001 - $90,000$530
$90,001 - $125,333$530 - $0 (decreasing at $0.015 for each extra $1 of income)
$125,333 +No benefit

Changes to the $87,000 tax bracket

Annual IncomeAnnual Benefit
$0 - $87,000No benefit
$87,001 - $90,000$0 - $135 (increasing at $0.045 for each additional $1 of income)
$90,001 +$135

Sure, there will be other changes to tax rates and tax brackets if the government wins the next election and implements the announcements they made last night – but a lot may change between now and then – so we’ll focus on those changes when they are a bit more certain and a bit closer.

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