390,000 ANZ customers to receive $28.8m in refunds

Published on September 6, 2016 11:49 am, by

How vigilant are you when it comes to banking fees and charges? It can be hard work understanding which transactions you will be charged for, which are free and what conditions like minimum account balances you might need to satisfy.

It’s even harder when you get charged fees you shouldn’t be charged.  Yesterday ANZ Bank announced they had incorrectly charged $28.8m in transaction fees to 390,000 customers.

With the average affected customer entitled to a refund of about $74 it pays to be vigilant.  There are plenty of other things you could spend that $74 on that would be more satisfying than bank fees!

If you are an ANZ customer we suggest you check the fees you have been charged on your account.  Even if you aren’t an ANZ customer we suggest you regularly check the fees you have been charged on your bank products.  Banks and businesses can easily make mistakes and overcharge you.

MoneyBrilliant makes it easy to stay on top of fees and charges.  We automatically categorise the fees and charges on your account and make it easy for you to spot them.  And we do this across all your accounts so you can review all your fees and charges in one place on your phone or tablet.  On our web app you can create detailed reports of all your fees and charges.

If you aren’t a MoneyBrilliant customer this is another reason why you should be one!  Visit our web site to register or download our app from the App Store or Google Play now.

Finally, if you want to reduce the transaction fees on your bank accounts check out this article for details of low cost transaction accounts.

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