4 weeks to Christmas – 4 reasons to sign up to MoneyBrilliant

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We’ve just released our new app, and it’s better than ever! With 4 weeks to Christmas (and 5 to making your New Year’s resolution) we figured that today is a great day to share 4 reasons you should sign up to MoneyBrilliant!

The Budget tracking rocks

We’ve done and seen budgeting before. But not like this! Connect your accounts and your last 3 months’ transactional data is used to calculate averages in your spending categories and prepopulate into a 12-month budget.

Make changes to the figures in the month they will happen. Pre-plan for big expenses, or change the figures if things are going to change. Vary your income for the months you need to if there will be high and low periods. Accept the budget, and come back and see how you are tracking according to plan anytime.

Safe Spending tells you whether you can spend on the go

Should I buy it or should I not? This is the perfect time of year to have a little bit of help with your spending limits.

Safe Spending has been re-invented. You no longer need to count on your account balance. Any day of the month you can take a look at Safe Spending and know where you are at. We pool your bank balances, take into consideration how much income you have coming in for the rest of month, deduct your outstanding expenses for the month, deduct enough to cover you for the future months that you have a deficit and show you the figure that is left to spend.

Additionally, you can exclude accounts or amounts with funds that you don’t want to spend. All this together means that you can safely spend the figure we give you and still meet your upcoming commitments. Take the stress out of spending or sneak a bit more into your debt repayment or savings goals.

Knowledge is power!  

Now is the perfect time to set goals in the lead-up to New Year’s Resolution time and 2017. Use some of your spare time to connect your accounts and engage with your spending reports and money.

Knowing what you have achieved this year and where you are spending puts you in the perfect position to realistically set goals for the next 12 months.

It’s a great gift at under $100 on Plus plan for a year 

There is a free version and a Plus plan. As a Plus plan member, the insights and recommendations we will give you over 12 months are guaranteed to save you at least the annual subscription fee. Alternatively, go month to month with no lock in contract at $9.90 per month.

MoneyBrilliant can help you stay on top of your finances, including spending less than you earn and repaying debt.  Visit our website to register or download our app from the App Store or Google Play now.

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