6 Weeks to Christmas – 6 reasons to join MoneyBrilliant this week

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Christmas is coming!  Join MoneyBrilliant for some help getting through Christmas and setting your finances up for the New Year.  Our online budgeting tool and transaction categorisation helps with your budgeting and identifying your hot spots.  No more Excel spreadsheets!

This week is a great week to join MoneyBrilliant and here’s 6 reasons why –   

Be in it to win it
Join MoneyBrilliant before midnight on Sunday 15 November and be eligible to enter our #PaidbyMoneyBrilliant competition.  Who doesn’t want Christmas paid by MoneyBrilliant?  There are 5 prizes up for grabs, 1 x $3,000 and 4 x $500.   Earn bonus entries just for using MoneyBrilliant.

It’s the best time to focus on your money and budget
Coming in to silly season it’s easy to go a little bit crazy and spend too much money.  Get an instant snapshot of where your money is going and know for sure where you can splash out and where you should spend fewer pennies.

Save more to spend more
What better Christmas present to yourself then to set yourself up for financial success?  Use our goal setter to record where you want to be financially in the short, medium and/or long term.  Give up the little things now for the big rewards later.

Experience the joys of online budgeting
No more spreadsheets.  Use the desktop app for setting your budgets and goals, while learning more about what and where you may be sabotaging yourself.  If you have an iPhone check out the app, and the Safe Spending functionality.  It’s awesome!

Be in the know….
No more guess work about your finances.  How much do you spend at the pub?  We’ll tell you.  How much on grocery shopping?  We’ll show you.  How many bank fees do you pay?  Pretty soon you’ll know that too.

Let MoneyBrilliant take the worry away
Once you have all this information at your fingertips you’re in control of your money, no more mindless spending and wondering where your money goes.  Set up your bills and alerts, never miss a bill and pay a late fee again.  Find out what has the biggest impact on your finances and take steps to change it.

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