7 kid friendly ways to spend Australia Day

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Australia Day is such a great day.  In the middle of summer, just a day or two before school goes back.  What better way to spend it then in the great outdoors with your favourite little people?

Here are some fun ways to chill out without breaking the bank.  We’ve included some indoor activities just in case the weather doesn’t co-operate or you feel like home time.

Go for a family outing
Bikes, scooters, rollerblades, and skateboards.  Find somewhere safe to spend an hour or more on your wheels.  Mum and/or dad can carry the backpack with water and snacks or sandwiches on their back.  Make a day of it, stopping on the way home to grab a well-deserved ice-cream.

Water play
If it’s a nice day, sunscreen the kids up, get them in their togs and send them out with water guns, water balloons, buckets of water and let them go crazy.  Nothing like water play to chill everyone out and give the kids a blast.  You might even want to join them!

Bake ANZAC biscuits
If there is one day a year to bake biscuits with the kids, this has to be it.  Google a recipe, and check out facts about the history of the biscuit.

Get your little chefs to put together an Aussie inspired 3 course meal
Nothing says Australian like some salt and pepper calamari followed by a home-made meat pie and chips and for dessert a divine pavlova or some lamingtons.

Hit the park or beach with a picnic
Too easy.  There may be bike tracks or paths for kid’s wheels, so have a look online.  Make sure you check out whether there are BBQs available, take some bread rolls, eggs and bacons and make your own breakfast burgers.  Don’t forget the picnic blanket and lots of water.

Cubby houses, puzzles, board games and a movie
Make a mess of the lounge room.  Break out the puzzles, games and building blocks.  Get the kids’ imagination going making a cubby with sheets, blankets and chairs.  Give them somewhere to hide out, and maybe have a nap.  Round out the day with a cartoon movie and some popcorn.

Go for a bush walk
It’s never too early to get out and discover nature.  Find a track to suit your kid’s ages and abilities and take a wander.  Don’t forget to pack a picnic and take lots of water.  The older the kids get the more they can carry!

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