9 ways to save money in 9 weeks to Christmas

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Christmas is crazy busy and costly.  Preparation is key.  Here are some handy tips on stockpiling some money to help you through.

Drop a habit

  • Midweek bottle of wine, save $15 per week or $135 over 9 weeks
  • Daily chocolate bar, save $3 a day, or $135 over 9 weeks


  • Stick to one coffee a day, that 2nd coffee is costing you $15 a week, or $135 over 9 weeks
  • Go small instead of large, saving $1 a coffee or $45+ over 9 weeks

Public transport

  • Know your zones, if I walk one more block I pay $3.50 instead of $4.50 – saving $2 a day or $90 over 9 weeks
  • Consider riding your bike one day a week, or catching a bus instead of driving saving $7 + per week or $63 over 9 weeks

Make money from stuff you don’t use

  • Have a garage sale – clean out old clothes, kitchenware, books – make $100 +
  • Make eBay work for you – have furniture stashed away, old pictures no longer hanging – make $50+

Bring your lunch to work

  • Sure it’s easy to buy, but bring it in one day a week and save at least $5 or over 9 weeks $45
  • Bring your lunch 2 days and double that at $90 over 9 weeks

Shop Online

  • Don’t go to the shops – no impulse buys – save $10 a week or $90 over 9 weeks on your food bill

Review your bank fees

  • Some banks don’t charge a monthly fee if you deposit a minimum amount each month, changing where you credit your pay could save you $5 per month, or $10 over 9 weeks
  • Do you pay ATM fees? Get to know where you can withdraw your cash for free and save $2+ per transaction, $63 over 9 weeks based on 3 withdrawals

Review your credit cards and annual fees

  • Do you have an annual fee about to charge in the next 9 weeks? Do you need that card?  Cancel now or ring your bank and see if you can negotiate, save $99 +

Put a pre-Christmas ban on Westfield

  • Take the time you would shop to think about gifts over Christmas and research best value, potentially save $1,000s

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