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Alice Crawley: Through the looking glass

Published on April 8, 2015 10:17 am, by

When it comes to empowering women to life of wellness through wealth, Alice Crawley rules that wonderland. Catch up on our catchup as we attempt to communicate to with her exclusively through Alice in Wonderland cliches…It just gets curiouser and curiouser …

“We’re late! We’re late ! For a very important date!” But now, that we’re here, we would love you to introduce yourself to Money Brilliant’s brilliant readers…
I’m Alice Crawley – business consultant, coach and trainer

Now according to that other Alice, “curiosity often leads to trouble”, but we have to ask … can you give us a little background about yourself ?
I was born and raised in Canada, have lived and worked around the world including Europe, Japan and India and now live and work in Australia. I have worked in multiple industries across many different professions – moving my way up from lower end admin/office support roles to senior management consultant positions. For many years I was a chronic under earner and overspending and accumulated almost $200,000 in credit card debt. Am now a high income earner and financially responsible and clear.

It may “always be tea time” in wonderland, but what’s a typical day for you ?
Morning meditation, journalling, yoga, run, consulting for the day or a day of business planning, writing and engaging with my online community, dinner and hanging out with my awesome husband

According to some, simply surviving wonderland makes for a wonderful achievement. But how do you define success?
Success is when you are living in accordance with your truth and your values and loving your life. Success means you embrace what you are doing with all its joys, challenges, up and downs. My definition of a happy life is when you can say YES to it all – when you feel a balance of deep gratitude for what you’ve got while still growing and stretching.

In a world full of “mad hatters”, do you think you have a healthy work/life balance ?
Most of the time I keep a pretty good balance – I have to stay very mindful of how much I work and make sure I get enough rest – so I actively manage my work/life balance to make sure I don’t take on too much. I love my business, I love what I do, I love working with clients, spending time with friends, exercising and pursuing my creative passions. When I feel like I’m working too much I make sure I make time to do something therapeutic and meditative like going for an ocean swim or walking by the beach – this always resets me and puts things back in perspective.

Who are the personal and professional “queens of your heart”?
I have several personal role models like women mentors and leaders who I’ve worked with who I really admire. Some of my professional role models include Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey, Michelle Obama and Amy Poehler. I highly admire women who really embrace who they are as individuals, step into their power and allow their true selves to shine through. I love strong women who lead with their intelligence, humour and make no apologies for who they are and who are OK with sharing their vulnerabilities.

Unlike relationships with cheshire cats, the one between you and your finances seems quite uncomplicated. Can you outline it in five words?
Clear; Confident; Empowered; Loving; Mindful

We want to know “Was it the same yesterday … or were you a different person then”?
This was NOT always the case. I was confused and conflicted when it came to money for many years. I grew up with some profoundly unhealthy beliefs which I had to address when I hit rock bottom many years ago. It was when I was in $185,000 of debt and earning less than $50,000 a year. My finances were totally out of control and I realised I needed to turn things around. I made a clear and conscious decision to educate myself on money strategies and skills and develop a healthy money mindset.

In keeping with the overuse of cliche Alice in Wonderland themes, were you always “much more muchier” ?
I definitely wasn’t always as confident with money as I am now. I had to really commit to changing my money behaviours and it was only when I was in crippling debt that I started making the change. Once I started turning my finances around I developed greater self belief which resulted in me earning more and identified my spending triggers so I that I stopped overspending.

Can you “stand on your head”, or are you better at budgeting?
I do budget now – but I call it a spending plan. I use a basic spreadsheet to keep track of what’s coming in and what’s going out. I do a weekly review of income and expenses.

“Which road do you take” if you need financial advice?
My husband is very financially savvy so I will often consult him regarding financial matters. I also have a great accountant who helps with all my tax matters.

“Now the time has come, to talk of many things…” Specifically, we’d love your opinion on what skills you think women need to be financially empowered?
I think the relationship women have with money is very different from men. Many women, the ones I know, were often raised with limiting beliefs around money and certain stereotypes. Men are conditioned to be the ‘breadwinners’ and do not necessarily have to take on other roles in society where as women are often raised to believe they can have careers and earn a living but will need to compromise when it comes to other roles like child rearing. My experience has been that women aren’t always raised with healthy habits and skills around money – where as men seem to be introduced to money skills in a more direct way.Women need to embrace being financially independent and being in control of their finances. It’s important that women feel comfortable being high income earners – even if it means earning more than there partners or husbands. Women will be more empowered the more they own their success and increase their earning capabilities.

Which financial decisions made are you most proud of? Which do you think are a little “Twiddle Dum”?
I am most proud of paying off $185,000 worth of debt in less than 5 years. This is something that I never thought would be achievable. I’m also very proud of my efforts to triple my income in less than a year – it really proved to me that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I can still improve on paying more attention to my incoming and outgoing each week/month. I’m so much mindful than I ever was but I need to stay constantly vigilant of this.

What is your spending “poison”. How do you incorporate that into a financially responsible lifestyle?
I love to indulge every now and then. My contingency for this is to set myself a ‘fun spending plan’ – for the occasional indulgences e.g. once a month I love to spend money on luscious bath products. I plan for it, budget for it and then enjoy it knowing that I’ve allowed for it in my spending plan.
What is your five year financial plan as you wander through wonderland
In five years I’ll be working in my online business full time with greater work schedule flexibility. My business will be more mobile within the next five years so that I can travel more and work from the road. I look forward to having that greater flexibility.

If you could peek through the looking glass, What words of wisdom would you give your 10 year younger self?
Educate yourself and learn to love, respect and appreciate money as much as possible. Read about money, learn to love money and love it unapologetically. Accept that earning and having money lends itself to fulfilling your life purpose – the more financially free you are the more you can live the life you want and serve as you wish to serve.


Q: What was the last text message you received?
A: Thanks for all your awesome support 🙂

Q: What would you want as your last meal?
A: Grilled salmon and seaweed salad – can’t get enough of the stuff!

Q: What song do you sing in the shower?
A: Glamorous – Fergie (from Black Eyed Peas)

Q: What would you do if won a $50,000 scratchie
A: Invest it in my business development plans

Q: How would you spend your last $5
A: Buying some flowers and/or card for a beloved friend