Amazon Australia: Yes or No?

Retailers and customers have been slightly underwhelmed by Amazon’s launch, although there is a consensus that it’s a bit of a mixed bag, with some things less expensive than competitors and other things more.

We took a look at a handful of items and checked to see whether we could get them for less elsewhere.

This is what we found:

Coffee Machines: we compared the Breville BES870 with Built-in Grinder

Amazons $649 + free delivery

Harvey Norman $551.65 + $7.95 delivery

Bing Lee $649 + $10 delivery

Activity Trackers: we compared the Fitbit HR Charge 2 

Amazons $137 + free delivery

Rebel $178 + free delivery

The Good Guys $137 + free delivery

Board Games: we compared Scrabble

Amazons $16.97 + free delivery if you spend $49 in this category (Toys & Games)

K Mart $25 + $10 delivery

Target $34.50 + free delivery if you spend $80 storewide

Books: we compared the Hunger Games Trilogy

Amazons $44.28 + free delivery

QBD $29.99 + free delivery

eBay $35 + free delivery

Televisions: we compared Philips 43” FHD Smart TV

Amazons $659.81 + free delivery

Warehouse 1 $496.95 + $22.95 delivery $526 + $35 delivery

Perfume: we compared Si Giorgio Armani Rose 100ml EDP

 Amazons $146 + free delivery

eBay $139 + free delivery

Myer $179.10 + free delivery

Electronic Games: we compared FIFA 18 for PS 4

Amazon $39 + free delivery if you spend over $49

JB Hi-Fi $45 + $1.69 delivery

Mighty Ape $58 + $4.99 delivery

In Conclusion:

We weren’t overly impressed with the range on offer at Amazons, with just one or two choices in some of the categories where you would expect to see more. As Amazon gets settled and expands its Australian offering, this could change.

For now, if you shop online, add Amazon to the mix when you are shopping around for the lowest price. Don’t assume that it will be the cheapest or even competitive. We will keep our eye out, so watch this space!

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