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Chat forums are abuzz with the news that ANZ is planning to close its Money Manager service on the 31st July 2016. ANZ MoneyManager was launched by ANZ in 2008 and is hosted by US firm Yodlee using its MoneyCenter platform.

MoneyBrilliant provides a similar service to ANZ MoneyManager. In fact we think the service is so important that it is all we do!

At MoneyBrilliant we believe that people can lead better lives when their finances are better organised and they make better decisions about their money. A key part of this is having visibility of all your financial information in one place.

MoneyBrilliant also uses Yodlee’s data aggregation capabilities and we can link your accounts at over 230 local institutions plus thousands from all around the world. This includes all the accounts that were available with ANZ MoneyManager. As well as your bank accounts we can pull together your credit cards, loans, shares, investments and reward points.

Some of the other fabulous features of MoneyBrilliant are:

  • Safe Spending and Budgeting
    Safe Spending uses your income, excludes your bills and savings, and tracks what you have left to spend in your customised period.  The budgeting tool uses your historical data to inform the future you about where to spend your money.  You can find places to stop spending and start saving.  Amend the categories where you will be spending more or less and have a plan for your money.
  • Bills and Alerts
    MoneyBrilliant has bills and alert functionality that allow you to track and monitor your bills and elect to set alerts to remind you to pay them. The bills calendar helps you plan and make sure you never miss a bill payment.  Alerts allow you to customise the things you want to hear about – large transactions, bill reminders and missed payments.
  • Reporting
    MoneyBrilliant produces reports on your spending customised to the date ranges you choose. Have an overview or drill down to the detail.  Collated figures, like the fees and charges you are paying, help you make informed decisions about your money. For even greater customisation you can tag your transactions and create custom categories, then generate reports based on what interests you.

If you are looking for an alternative to ANZ Money Manager why not take a look at MoneyBrilliant?

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Peter is the CEO of MoneyBrilliant. He has over 20 years experience in banking, insurance and accounting. Peter has three sons, ranging in age from 16 to 3, is a sport and fitness fanatic and a volunteer firefighter. He is passionate about improving people's lives through making financial services more accessible.

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