Be MoneyBrilliant – Managing your Money Step 7

Published on November 18, 2015 2:17 pm, by

Step 7 – Review, commit & automate

If you’ve got this far I’m super duper impressed.  There’s been a lot of work for some of you so I feel like I should give everyone a break. 

You might be on a roll like me though, so rather than a break I’m going to suggest that you review what we’ve done to this point.

Revisit your notes from Step 2 and Step 4.  Make sure everything adds up.  Have you done everything you thought of and committed to in those weeks?  If not, get to it!

Rewrite a list of what’s outstanding and use this week to attack it.  If you’re considering a balance transfer or changing your debts around from week 5, now is the time.  Most banks allow you to do an online application that has a decision made instantaneously.

Over the last few weeks you may have made changes that will be impacting you favourably already.  Give yourself a pat on the back and jump in to your MoneyBrilliant account.  See what your spending habits look like compared to when you started.

Write out a list of what you’ve changed.  What have you done well?  What needs more work?    Is there anything you need to follow up on?

And finally – what payments can you automate?  Get your direct debits and automatic payments set up.  Make sure your savings are being swept in to a savings account on pay day or repayments are going straight in to your debt to chunk it down.

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