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You are the boss of your money!  How do you prove that?  How do you stay in control?  Here’s that word again…..

The reality of starting (and sticking to) a budget

Motivating somebody to write a budget is a bizarre thing to try and do.  Like diet and exercise it seems to take that uh-oh moment.  The “I have no money” or “my credit card bill is huge”, the equivalent to “I feel fat” or “my jeans don’t fit”.

Once you’re on a budget, it can be hard to stick to it.  All it takes is one bad week, and you’re back to denial.  No more looking at your accounts, no more thinking about your budget before you spend.  Your bad habits have won!

For dieting and exercise to help you feel fit and healthy it’s a way of life.  Same for budgeting.  It’s not really something you can stop and start and get consistent results.  It’s challenging to knock out bad habits and replace them with new habits.  This needs work from your brain or as somebody smart might say, some remapping of your neural pathways.

How MoneyBrilliant can help

In the past budgeting was hard work.  The data input, the thinking and calculating before you spend.  We make it easier.  Just like checking your Fitbit for steps, you can check your MoneyBrilliant app for instant feedback and guidance.  About to spend?  Check your accounts.  Invited to breakfast and not sure if you can afford it?  Check MoneyBrilliant.

A few of the things that we do here to help you achieve that change are –

Show you exactly what you are spending.  I brought my weekly grocery spend down from $450 to $350 per week just by looking at my spending reports every few days to see where I was at, and what I had left.

Create a budget automatically.  The budget feature gives you an average spend in each category by using your transactional data to average your last 3 months spend.  This is great for highlighting the areas that you may be able to reduce your spending in.  You can physically amend this in your budget and work towards a new lower figure.

Set goals.  Setting goals allows you to keep them top of mind.  Check in with how you are going with paying off your debt or saving for that next big thing.  Keep informed about your superannuation.  Understand how the little spending outlays add up and impact your ability to reach your goals.

Quite simply, this is what MoneyBrilliant are doing

We are giving you a 360 degree view of your financial picture.  We want you to see exactly where you are and exactly where you are going.

By checking in and checking in again, we hope to help you limit poor spending decisions and see the good things that happen as you track towards your goals.

To implement a successful long term budget you need tools that will open your eyes to your money.  Tools to help you look and learn.  Tools to teach you to understand what every money choice you make means for your overall financial health and wellbeing.

Take a look at MoneyBrilliant and stop questioning where your money goes.  You will know exactly where it went!

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Jen is an experienced banking professional who loves wine, coffee, finding a bargain and of course her three beautiful children. Since Jen's first budget led her to buy a home at 20, Jen has passionately helped others to make better decisions with their money.

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