Beating the urge to spend

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Everywhere there is a motivation to spend. Images that appeal to the eye and shout buy me!   We are constantly bombarded by advertising, images and general consumerism in every moment of our lives.

We want to fit in. With that comes looking a certain part, owning a certain device or bag, wearing the right exercise clothes, going to the cool café or bars.

Ignoring the impulse to spend that comes on the back of the desire to fit in coupled with the accessibility of goods and services is challenging but it can be done!

3 tips to get you in the mind space to spend less

Have a goal. Something you really want to achieve that will be more rewarding then the little zing that buying something might give you. Have your goal front and centre, with visuals that show how you are tracking towards it.

Be mindful about your spending.  Think before you purchase.  Do you really need it?  How will buying this one thing impact your timeframe or ability to reach your goal? Read up on minimalism and see if you are inspired to have less, spend less.

Distract yourself.  Know your triggers. Do you shop online when you are bored?  Do you head to the mall when you are procrastinating? Can you find something else to do?  Go for a walk, take a bath or bake a cake?  Put in place strategies to help you when the urge to shop is strong.

3 tips to making your home your haven

Choose what you bring in to your house. You can leave magazines and catalogues outside your home.

Limit your reading of catalogues. Peruse the grocery & chemist catalogues, or look for gift bargains, but get out of the habit of trawling through and being tempted to spend.

Create an email just for advertisements and online spending – have any mailing lists directed here and only open that inbox when you are specifically looking for something.

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