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Relocating can be expensive.  When you’ve got too much to do and don’t have very much time it can be hard to do anything but arrange for services to be disconnected and reconnected.  But checking out the competition before making these calls can easily save you a few bucks.

In the process of moving this is what I discovered about my services:

Electricity and Gas

We stumbled across a great site called Electricity Wizard.  I ended up chatting with a lovely guy who asked for information about where we were moving to and then gave us the current and best deals for our suburb.  The top suggestions were AGL and Origin with Origin slightly ahead.  Being existing AGL clients we rang and negotiated a higher discount then we were currently on along with a $150 credit.  That covers the disconnection and reconnection fees and puts us $150 + the ongoing discount ahead of where we would have been otherwise.  Savings $150.

Internet & Home phone

We (and I mean my partner) rang Optus to find out about moving our service across.  No problems at all, just a fee of $80 to do so.  I said we wouldn’t do that, which was passed on to the operator who immediately advised us that we could book the move in online at no cost.  Savings $80.


The internet certainly makes it easy to do your research.  We asked around, completed an online comparison and started to negotiate.  Our preferred provider, from a price and reputation point then negotiated further on their rate.  The average quote we received for 2 men and a truck was $150 per hour but we managed to negotiate to $110.  Given it will take at least 4 hours, the predicted savings are $160-$200.

And the other 2 significant ways we made some money:

Checking the final rental payment

Just checking our final payment from the real estate agent saved us money.  The agent had provided a figure that was 22 days of rent, rather than the 21 days’ notice we provided.  Savings $100.

Selling our “stuff” on EBay

We finally decided that we were sick of carting things from house to house and leaving them in boxes until the next time we moved.  We filled up our bin, the local charity bin, and also started to use EBay.  So far we have netted about $650 which goes in to the envelope to pay the removalist.  Savings $650.

We also found out that if you put things on Gumtree for free people will come and pick up your junk.  It’s awesome!!

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