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Charity is Power

Published on December 22, 2015 9:43 am, by

Over the weekend I attended a Taoist retreat. While I know it’s not a lot of people’s idea of fun it was an interesting experience and extremely eye opening.  The one key thing I learned was Charity is power.

I’ve been interested in Eastern philosophy for a while.  I’ve been meditating and practising Qi Gong daily for several years and the aim of attending the Taoist retreat was to take my practice to the next level.  Over the weekend I learned some amazing and simple rules for a happy life:

  • Be good and kind hearted
  • Do no regret
  • Don’t be jealous and envious
  • Clear my mind
  • Do not discriminate
  • Be pure of heart
  • Be frugal but not stingy
  • Charity is power

I relate to these simple but powerful rules. I might not follow them all the time they are my “guard rails”.  While all ring true to me, Charity is power really struck me. It sounds counter initiative but I think this is why I loved it

It’s a simple principle – the more your give the more you receive. Giving doesn’t just mean give cash. You can give your:

  • Time;
  • Love; and
  • Even your honesty.

I also learned the simplest thing to give is a smile!

The fabulous Dr DQ

Taking my new found “wisdom” I went to a friend’s party.  I only knew the host so I was a little anxious. I saw my friend in the kitchen said “Hi” then went outside and introduced myself to the first group of people I could see. I didn’t need to be nervous or anxious. They extremely kind and welcoming. One member of the group was particularly interesting. I soon learned he was an extremely successful Doctor who loved to collect art. In fact be buys so much art Sotheby’s has his number.  But still as I started to talk about my Taoist retreat and new found insight of charity is power he completely agreed.

It turns out Dr DQ spends as much time giving as he does making money or even buying fabulous pieces of art. Dr DQ and his amazing medical practice supports local artists, art galleries, surf clubs, HIV research, Cancer Council, Men’s Health and even a village in Kenya which had no running water and most of the young men died of malaria or HIV.

More than money

Listening to Dr DQ relay his experiences reinforced my new learning.  The more he gives, again not just money, the more he receives. I know you might think it’s easy for an extremely rich doctor to give more but actually I think its as hard (or easy) for all of us. I like to think I give a lot to charity but one thing I would love to focus on is giving more of my time. I want to call my Great Aunt more, I want to volunteer, I want to listen and smile more, and for the last 2 years I have particularly wanted to do the charity bike ride in Vietnam.

It is nice to think that by giving we will receive but it is actually the act of giving that is the greatest reward. When you give you always receive – a great feeling of joy and happiness.

Give your Gran a call, make a work mate a tea,  smile at a stranger as you walk down the street, donate to your favourite charity, volunteer or give blood.  It’s the season of giving.  Try something new and see how wonderful it feels.

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