My Continuing Love Affair with the Entertainment Book

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A couple of years ago I wrote an article about the savings I had made from the Entertainment Book. It was written 1 month into the year, and I had already saved $735!

First, let me say, I absolutely love the Entertainment Book. For $70 I get to live the bargain hunter’s dream. And to make me feel even better, $13 of the purchase price goes to the charity, school or foundation who I choose to support through my book purchase. I have a friend who likes to do strange and wonderful things like climb mountains to raise money for different causes. This year for her fundraising efforts, the money went to the Kokoda Youth Foundation

Since the last book finished on the 1st of June (of course I have already bought the new one!), I thought it would be the perfect time to look at how much I’ve saved in the last year.

Buying Gift Cards and Vouchers for gift shopping and groceries saved us $366.50

5% discount on these Gift Cards = savings $277.50

  • JB HiFi $450
  • Woolworths $5,100

10% discount on these Gift Cards = savings $35

  • David Jones $150
  • Rebel Sport $200

Movie tickets for Event Cinemas = approx. savings $54

  • 9 X Event Cinemas @ $10.50 each

Booking accommodation through the Entertainment website saved us $1,050.

We shopped around before purchasing accommodation on the Entertainment website, most frequently the next closest in value was or, the savings below are compared to whichever site was cheaper.

  • New Zealand 3 nights’ accommodation $450 savings in Lake Tekapo
  • Melbourne, 6 nights’ accommodation $600 savings at the Mantra in Southbank

Dining in restaurants & takeaways saved us $400

Whenever we get together with friends, after we have chosen the area we wish to dine in, we check the Entertainment Book for options.

Quite handily the Digital Entertainment app tracks which restaurants you redeem the savings at, and gives you an approximate total of how much you’ve saved. It’s based on the maximum savings you can get at each restaurant and mine says $709. Because when we go out we share the discount with friends, and we don’t always reach the maximum savings limit, we’ll be conservative and say we saved $400 in the year to June 1, 2017.

Our total savings for the year were $1,816.50!!

Should you buy an Entertainment book?

I know it’s easier to save money if you live close to a city, but there are all sorts of great things that you can save money on without even going near a city. Lots of my savings were made this way.

If you like to spend less on the things you enjoy, it could be worth considering.

Read the 1st article, My Love Affair with the Entertainment Book here.

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