Cost or Convenience? 2nd car or Uber?

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We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children and we operate on one car.  We have friends who tell us that the convenience of having a 2nd car outweighs the cost.

Every time we float the idea we take the time to do some figures.

Annual cost of purchasing a car => anywhere from $2,000 to $200,000.  If we’re looking for something just for convenience and as a back up to the family car I’m going to pick a figure of $5,000.

Conservatively speaking a car that costs $5,000 will have a life of 10 years.  Total annual cost = $500

Annual cost of running a car => this is based on Sydney prices, and I went with averages after a bit of research (googling).

Greenslip $700
Registration $250
Comprehensive insurance $800
Service + tyres + miscellaneous $600
Pink slip $38
Total Annual cost = $2,388

Total annual cost of owning and running a 2nd car

Between the purchasing and running costs, excluding petrol, parking and tolls, we would spend approx. $2,888 per year.

The cost of Uber

Each family’s circumstances are different.  For us we need to calculate the times we would go our separate ways, generally on the weekends for sporting events or to get in to the city for an event or social occasion.

It makes sense that the person travelling the least distance (or drinking) would be the one to take Uber and the other the car.

CALCULATE home to the city, which is the furthest we would travel individually to socialise, and the cost of that on a bad day is $35.  Given we would be unlikely to do this more than once a month, total cost for the year = $420.

CALCULATE the cost to get to the closer of 2 sporting fields, and that would be maximum $20.  Given there are 40 weeks of sport for us each year, total cost = $800.

Total annual cost of Uber

For our circumstances the total cost of Uber would be $1,220 for the year.

This reinforces again our decision to run one car.  It’s worth noting that in the last year there have only been 2 or 3 occasions where we have had to use Uber.

Mostly it’s easy to walk, or catch a bus, and the costs there are significantly cheaper than Uber.  In our circumstances the convenience factor doesn’t come at all near to offsetting the true annual cost of purchasing a 2nd car.

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