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COVID-19: SA Help with paying your rent

Published on April 15, 2020 10:23 pm, by

Key points

  • The exact details of rent relief available for residential tenants varies by State but some of the broad principles are consistent across the country
  • In most states eviction notices that have been issued, but where the tenant has not yet vacated the property have been suspended for a period of time. This will provide tenants with some time to make alternative arrangements
  • In all states there is a 6 month moratorium on new evictions for rent arrears where tenants are suffering financial hardship due to COVID19. So if you cannot pay your rent because your income has fallen due to COVID19 you cannot be evicted for 6 months
  • Tenants and landlords have been encouraged to discuss circumstances and negotiate arrangements between them where ever possible
  • In most states tenants are encouraged to continue to pay their rent where they can and in most cases if they cannot pay their rent the rent arrears become a debt that is owed to the landlord
  • Many states have implemented some kind of land tax reduction or deferral for landlords that support tenants that are suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19
  • There are some other rent assistance schemes available such as the Federal Governments Rent Assistance benefit and some schemes that operate at a state level

Rent Relief inĀ South Australia

Moratorium on evictions for tenants due to rent arrears caused by the financial impact of COVID-19For a period of 6 months or more
Restrictions on rent increasesResidential rents cannot be increased for 6 months or more
Landlords cannot charge interest on rent arrears amounts
There have been some changes in the procedures for repairs and maintenance and property inspections
Agents are not allowed to blacklist tenants with rent arrears due to COVID-19Where a landlord reduces rent by at least 25% for up to 6 months they will be eligible for a land tax rebate


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