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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  6 weeks in to the year and it’s time to go shopping again.  Make sure that you check your balance before you hit the shops. Have you budgeted what you would like to spend?

For some girls it’s all about hearts and flowers, others it’s the bling and still other’s it’s the thought that goes in to making Valentine’s Day special.  Going crazy on a gift is a nice thought, but don’t get caught up in the moment and spend next month’s rent money.

There’s an increasing amount of literature saying that it’s experiences not material items that provide that warm feeling that comes back time and time again in the form of memories.  Money makes the world go round but it’s worth remembering material things come and go, but it’s the memories that last forever.

There are lots of ways to make your girl feel loved that won’t cause you to overspend.  A few candles and a nice meal might be what it takes or if you enjoy the fun of gift giving and surprising your woman, why not go quirky and creative this year?  Inexpensive doesn’t have to be cheap.

Finding an experience that helps your Valentine feel the love is easy.  Here’s a few things to inspire you and get your creative juices going:

  • Movie & chill – think mood lighting, a comfy couch and a rom com or even better a thriller/action movie to get her scared and hanging on
  • Give her some pampering – back run, foot run, pedicure, if you get it right guaranteed to result in total meltdown
  • Find a hill or mountain to climb for an inspiring view of the sunset, finish off the evening with champagne or an ice-cream under the stars
  • Set the table restaurant style (white table cloth, candles, cutlery and glasses) and make a fun and romantic dinner. Fondue always goes down a treat, either cheese or chocolate
  • Grab some take away and spend the evening planning a holiday together, come prepared with travel brochures, maps and potential dates

For the more traditional who would like to present their partner with a token.  Here’s some quirky gifts ideas that are creative and easy on the wallet:

  • Make her some vouchers for redemption through the year – maybe romantic comedy movie night, dinner with her parents, and breakfast in bed – be as creative as you wish!
  • Make your own label for a drink she loves, champagne, wine, beer – Office Works will print as stickers to put on a clean skin or over the existing label
  • Make a love note collage scattered with notes about her and how she makes you feel adding some photos of you together
  • Is your Valentine an animal lover? Buy her a goat, a chicken or a pig to be donated to a family or village in need.  Consider a charity gift and as a bonus it’s tax deductible!
  • Does she like to soak in the bathtub? Nothing beats a scented candle, a bath bomb and a favoured magazine or novel

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