Get a guaranteed 5% off groceries, petrol and alcohol

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There are essential items that we need to live. And lucky for some, there is an easy way to get a guaranteed 5% off groceries, petrol and alcohol. Just head to your membership website and purchase your WISH gift card with a 5% discount.

WISH cards can be used at the following retailers –

  • Woolworths
  • Big W
  • Caltex Woolworths Petrol
  • Dan Murphys
  • BWS
  • Cellar Masters
  • Thomas Dux

You can purchase WISH gift cards through membership programs with the following –

  • NRMA
  • RACQ
  • RACV
  • RAA
  • RAC WA
  • AA NT
  • RACT
  • Entertainment Book
  • AGL

Sign in to order your E-Gift cards. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase from Woolworths.

Once you have received them you are able to load them to your phone. There is no need to take your wallet out of your bag when you are shopping! Alternatively, you can write the numbers down or print the card out.

Loading the e-Gift card to your phone makes access easy, and it’s held in the Woolworths Money app. If you don’t already have the Woolworths Money App you can download it here:

Woolworths Money iOS
Woolworths Money Google Play

When you’re in the Woolworths Money app press the + symbol. From there enter the online gift card number and your pin.

The card will now be saved to your phone. As you transact the balance will drop, and you can see your transactions.

You can use the card to shop online or in store. There is a separate number for each, with the same PIN. The PIN is listed on the e-gift card so no need to remember.

Happy shopping!

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