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Published on June 8, 2016 1:45 pm, by

The latest updates have been released. The highlight of the release is an improvement to tags that everyone will be grateful for, some minor UX changes and many small bug fixes.

Custom Tag Rules

Tags are a great way to group your spending within a category or across many categories.  Do you pay rates for more than one property? Have a tag for each location. Do you have more than one child? Have a tag for each child to understand your school spending, your clothes spending and your gift spending. Do you and your partner share accounts? Tag your name on your transactions for coffee, alcohol and clothes.

Tags can now be applied to all future transactions so you don’t need to keep updating them, just like categories. To do this:

  1. Click on the category label transaction you want to tag
  2. Enter a tag name e.g. Investment House
  3. Click ‘Save all & Remember’


Learn more about tags in our FAQs

NB: In our next release this feature will tag your historic transactions also.

Account Names

To make is easier to follow your money, accounts you have connected to MoneyBrilliant now display with the specific names you have given to them at your financial institution.

Bug Fixes

Many minor bugs were fixed to improve functionality and usability. Thanks you for your continued feedback to help us improve the service.



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