How to keep your New Year Resolutions

Published on December 25, 2016 7:50 pm, by

So it’s almost the start of another new year, and like many people, it’s a time for us to reset a few goals.

Looking back, it turns out that 2016 didn’t quite go to plan, but don’t be disheartened – it turns out only about 8% of us actually achieve our New Year’s Resolutions – and this year will be different. Why? Because this year as you set your goals, and after,¬†you can follow our top 5 tips to help you achieve your goals.

Write down your goal – and make them realistic – We can’t all retire this year and go travel the world, but I can have a week on the beach.

For each goal, write down an action you know you can take to help meet your goal – If I want to lose weight, I can commit to taking a walk every day or hopping off the bus one stop earlier.

Read your goals – Keep your goals in sight, on your phone or the fridge, and keep reading them so you don’t forget what you are doing it all for.

Share your goals – If you don’t tell anyone, it can be easy to cheat yourself. Get your friends and family involved. It will not only keep you honest, but a problem shared is a problem halved.

Use technology РThere is so much amazing technology that can help motivate and inspire you to meet your goals Рmonitor your movement if you have a fitness goal, keep an eye on your spending with MoneyBrilliant if you want to save- use them.

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