It takes a Village

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Last Wednesday I had lunch with my Mum.  We hadn’t caught up for a while so it was great to catch up and talk about family and drama and family. Mum mentioned that my Great Aunt Jean, a.k.a POA (Poor old aunt) who’s 93 passed her driving test the day before. I was extremely impressed particularly as I still don’t have mine. On my way home I called POA to congratulate her.  It was a small gesture but I think it was probably the highlight of POA’s day.

At 93 POA has outlasted most her family and friends, sadly her sister (my Nan) passed early this year and it left huge void in POA’s life.  I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose my best friend and confidante after 90+ years. So to help fill that void I try and call POA as much as I can.  It only takes a few minutes of my time and it means so much to POA.  It turns out the call this week was the high point of my week too.  When I got home that night a virus hit.  It came out of nowhere and just nailed me.  My whole body ached much like I’d completed an ultra-marathon.

I spent the next 4 days alternating between the bed and the couch.  I am a terrible patient.  I hate doing nothing and I hate being unproductive.  I hate not exercising.  Being sick stops me making progress, but generally I only get sick when my body says ENOUGH.  Stop.  You need a break.

We can’t do it alone

I’ve been busy.  I work crazy hours.  Starting a business is hard, stressful and time consuming.  No surprises there, but this virus stopped me in my tracks and reinforced a powerful lesson that I sometimes forget.  It takes a village.  You see we are not solitary animals. We need each other to succeed and thrive. But I think we often forget this.  We can’t do it alone.

I couldn’t have started MoneyBrilliant without the support and love of my family, especially my Mum, and the financial support of my Dad. Then there are my friends who would listen to me ramble on about my idea. They challenged and prodded me.  They made me and my ideas stronger.

It’s the same with everything we do.  Being truly successful in life is not about what you do or how much money you have, it’s about the people and support group you foster and grow around you.

The best way to grow your support group is to treat people how you like to be treated yourself.  Take an interest in what others do, smile, laugh, ne nice, encourage your friends and family. Listen to them, be compassionate, empathic and honest. Be generous with your time rather than your wallet.

Its the small things

When I was lying on the couch complaining about pain and feeling sorry for myself 3 small things happened which made me feel great. A call from my Mum. My flat mate coming home offering to make me tea and turn on Netflix and a close friend buying me some Hydrolates.  I wasn’t expecting any of it. They all cost very little. But all 3 made me feel better and reminded me to appreciate what I do have rather than focus on what I didn’t.

Thank you mystery virus for reminding me to look after and care for everyone around me.  Not just because it’s the right thing to do but also because it takes a village and without the amazing people around me I am nothing.

A big shout out to POA (the best 90+ driver in Sydney) Mum, Jon and AJ. I love you all

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