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Welcome to our new blog, Live Money Well, a philosophy we at MoneyBrilliant consider to be ‘living life well, enabled by brilliant money management’. 

This should never be confused in anyway with having a lot of money. There are lots of businesses and blogs out there that are about getting seriously richer and that’s great and helpful for many people I’m sure.

For me, to live life richly is something entirely different and is available to many more of us than the monetary version of ‘rich’.

I come from a country family of very modest finances. Some of the best stories my Grandmother told me were about my Great Grandmother, Ma, who epitomises living life richly.

To be rich isn’t about how much money you have, it’s the experiences you create and how well you live your life

Ma had twelve children when money was really tight and life was tough. But, those kids had the best family life, including my Grandmother, although money struggles were behind the scenes for Ma and Pa.

One of the cornerstones of their family time was the Sunday roast. Ma could make a single chicken stretch to feed everyone, padding it out with potatoes and veges and Ma’s famous gravy. This meal was a time of joy and every single kid felt stuffed and happy.

This past Easter weekend, in the few moments of sunshine, I took a walk with my partner Anthony and our dog, Boston on gorgeous Newport Beach. The locals were out in force which is a sight familiar to all coastal-dwelling Australians. Life’s good.

But is it? It dawned on me that we are both a lucky country and a country with a flimsy façade of the good life. Underneath, the brick work is chipped and the mortar is under pressure to hold things up.

Australian households are under serious financial strain. Some of it is our own doing; we are simply living beyond our means, too readily accessing credit and too relaxed about the future. This is a quality to be both endeared and feared in the Australia spirit. Maybe we have lost sight of what’s important in life – the Sunday roast is a fading memory and instead we are attracted to the latest and greatest must-have to enrich family life.

So we’re working harder to try and keep up. The complexity of life today, with all opportunity and connections that technology give us, is overwhelming. It is a very different world from the one my Ma lived in and it’s having a big roll on effect to our relationships, our sense of balance and our ability to live well.

I joined Peter Lord in this business because I really believe that we need to do something to release the pressure valve for Australians and to refocus our energies. This is particularly true for women, who are both striving for financial independence and increasingly responsible for the financial wellbeing of their family. I have been fortunate to have the same steely determination that my Ma, my Grandmother and wonderful Mother, Yolande shared.  I’ve had a great career and although, like many others, I have wrestled with self-confidence, I have been smart about money. Not brilliant with it my whole life, but careful and mindful.

That gave me the chance to build this business with Pete and weather the very tough financial strain of not earning money for a long time. This was life changing for me as it made me refocus on what’s important and break a whole host of emerging habits that would have certainly sabotaged my financial future, like a Westfield addiction!

Living Money Well is essential to living. Understanding that being in control of your money is an important part of your total wellbeing and is where the good stuff happens.

We hope we can help in some small way in sharing what we’ve learnt, and are still learning about, living money well.  Join us and share your story with us too so that the collective financial wisdom of Australian women can shore up our financial houses.

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Jemma is the CEO and co-founder of MoneyBrilliant. She understands and cares about the financial wellbeing of women because she believes that every woman deserves the opportunity to live life richly by living money well.

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