Money Savings Tips You Can Take on Holidays

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Thanks to everyone who entered our Luxury for Less competition and told us their favorite holiday money savings tips. We’ve chosen some of our favorites, the credit of course goes to those who wrote in the comments of our competition post on Facebook.

And just in case you missed it, we’ve included our Luxury for Less video at the bottom of this page.

Top 10 Money Savings Holiday Tips

#1 Take homemade lunches, stop having takeaway coffees and place the savings in a holiday jar. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it fills.

#2 Buy reusable filtering water bottles. Fill up anywhere and reduce landfill! Saves a fortune while on holidays!

#3 Eat out at local RSL clubs on holidays, they are heaps cheaper than restaurants. Use a shop a docket for meal deals as well.

#4 Take the bubbly, strawberries & good quality cheeses with you.

#5 Take the time to shop around and find cheap airline tickets. Use vouchers for accommodation. Bring your own snacks from grocery shopping & research low cost activities that are enjoyable for the whole family.

#6 Get an apartment, buy groceries for snacks, have lazy days by the pool or beach. Search Google for discounted tickets to shows, adventure activities and massages.

#7 Take small holidays – Regularly! Short breaks beat stress and build happier relationships. In the long term, they’re a better, much cheaper alternative to getting therapy!

#8 Take your own coffee and save a fortune on buying them out. It’s always good to book accommodation with a kitchenette or toaster & save money by having breakfast in your room.

#9 Bring your own alcohol and don’t use the mini bar. Use the pool & gym if available, spend time in the hotel just relaxing and chilling.

#10 Have a luxury staycation in your own town. All the money you save on travel costs can be spent on a deluxe night out instead.

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