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MoneyBrilliant makes it easy for ANZ MoneyManager customers

Published on July 18, 2016 1:18 pm, by

These days most bank products are commodities. People shop for rates, short-term convenience or special deals and for this reason most people end up with products from a variety of financial institutions. This makes it hard for people to see a consolidated picture of their finances without a service like MoneyBrilliant.

Some Banks, including ANZ, have explored providing aggregation services to their customers. Several weeks ago ANZ announced the closure of their ANZ MoneyManager service on July 31 2016. ANZ’s rationale was that “The way our customers are choosing to manage their personal finances online is changing.”

“We think it is a step backward for consumers – not having access to a consolidated view of all your finances makes it harder to make decisions and harder to track your progress against financial goals” said Peter Lalor CEO of MoneyBrilliant.

“That’s why we have stepped up to make it easy for ANZ MoneyManager customers to migrate to MoneyBrilliant. ANZ MoneyManager customers can now export their data from ANZ MoneyManager and import it straight into MoneyBrilliant.”

“We think having a consolidated picture of your finances is the starting point for simple, straightforward decisions about whether you have the right financial products, whether you are spending and managing your money as well as you can and whether you are on track to achieve short term goals and longer term goals like owning your home or retiring comfortably.”

“We are looking forward to helping thousands of ex ANZ MoneyManager customers continue to do this by moving to the MoneyBrilliant service”.

The MoneyBrilliant solution is powered by global banking technology leader Yodlee, the same underlying service as ANZ MoneyManager, making the transition a little easier than with other services that have developed their own aggregation platforms.


How to Import Your Data
The MoneyBrilliant data import feature is now available for customers to import their complete ANZ MoneyManager history. To access it, go to ‘Setting > Data Import’ and follow the instructions.


MoneyBrilliant is committed to helping people not well served by financial institutions make better decisions about their money and this is just one small step in a larger transformation being implemented during 2016.


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