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New Features: Reporting and Investments

Published on May 2, 2016 6:12 pm, by

This week we have released 2 new features in our desktop service.

Updated My Reports: clear customisable charts show how your spending is changing with time and highlights categories you may want to take a look at.

NEW My Investments: Giving you a complete snap shot of your current investments including superannuation.


How often do you take a look back at what has been happening to your money?

Being engaged with your money is key to understanding what’s really happening.  Exploring your spending data line by line can be tedious.  Our customers have said they want a clear picture, so they can take action.

We have updated our reports section offering users more flexibility to look at their money.

Powerful new charts: We have incorporated 2 new ways to visualise your spending. The line chart enables you to explore spending trends. Filter by category and across a date range to see how your key spending areas rise and fall. Compare categories such as ‘Groceries’ versus ‘Restaurants & Dinning’, it’s an eye opener.

The column chart will allow you to see total spending trends over time to help you plan for those times of the year where you know you are going to spend more.




Cashflow reports will allow you to analyse your ins and outs across a period of time.  This helps you identify if you are living within your means, spending more than you earn or key periods where it all gets a little out of hand.


Filter options: simplify the data you are looking at – now you can filter your reports by account, transaction type, tag or select custom date range.


My Investments

This new section will give you more details on what type of investments you hold and its value. For the first time visualise your investments in one place and filter by type or by account.


Even better, you can drill down to an account level and see a balance history for your account and its transactions. This is extremely useful, here at the office we love seeing our super balance growing and for the first time see and understand all the fees on the super account (admin fees, life insurance, TPD, etc.) .


As usual we would love to hear feedback from you on these new features, so please direct it to product@moneybrilliant.com.au

Till next time.

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Adrian is part of the founding team and Head of Product at MoneyBrilliant. Adrian believes that delivering an excellent MoneyBrilliant experience is the key to success and he is passionate about helping users achieve their financial goals.

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