Are your pay TV services worth it?

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Pay TV is another service that can be easy to set and forget. However, like other services, it’s worth reviewing intermittently to make sure that the price you are paying matches your perception of the value you are receiving.

If it does, then that’s great news! If it’s not, then it might be time to shop around your options.

As we see it, the choices are streaming services such as Stan, Netflix and others. And Foxtel.

After some intense research, the majority consensus across men is that you get Foxtel for sport. Foxtel are smart, they don’t have sport only packages, sport is an extra. An expensive extra. And if you get sport, apparently, you have to get HD. Which again is more.

So here the question becomes if you can’t watch sport on Foxtel, how many times per year are you going to head to the pub, club or another venue to watch your sport? And how much will that cost you? Maybe Foxtel is a good option for your budget. And for your comfort, you can sit at home on your own couch.

Of course, there are streaming options for different sporting types. However, there seems to be no real alternative to Foxtel yet.

If you’re not a sporting fan, perhaps your options are more varied. You may prefer to pay per view, which a service like Apple TV will allow you to do. Or you may wish to subscribe to Stan or Netflix, which have different series and movies available. If you don’t have Foxtel, you might be able to afford both!!

We did a scout around to try to figure out which streaming service is best. There are options like Quickflix, Amazon Prime and Dendy Direct to name a few, but Stan and Netflix are by far the most popular.

Deciding between the two of them might be based on their libraries – which are different. Stan seems to be the winner on price with a flat rate of $10 per month, which allows you to register 6 devices and play 3 simultaneously. Netflix on the hand uses a tiered approach starting at 1 device streaming for $8.99 and working the way up to 4 devices for $14.99 per month.

Whatever it is you decide, having your pay TV spending presented to you as one lump sum helps you decide if spending that amount per year is perfectly acceptable, or you’d rather put it towards something different, like a house deposit, a holiday or a new car.

Choice have put together a comparison article which breaks down the pay TV services for you, read here

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