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Pending transaction and single refresh notifications

Published on June 27, 2016 10:36 am, by

Our latest updates provide some important fixes to two key features that had you frustrated: pending transactions and account refresh notifications.

Pending transactions

We have removed the frustration some of our members had with categorising pending transactions. Pending transaction will now all be shown with a temporary categorisation of “Pending”. While transactions are in the pending status they are not able to be re-categorised.

Once the transaction moves from pending it will be automatically categorised, and become available for you the user to change as required. This will avoid any potential double handling of pending transactions.


Get a single refresh notification for all your accounts

When accounts are refreshing we had pushed you a notification for each account as it refreshed. Many users found this irritating and so we will now deliver a single notification when all your accounts have refreshed to avoid the overload of alerts.


If you have any feedback or feature requests please let us know in either the comments section of this blog, or via connect@moneybrilliant.com.au


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