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Revisiting the grocery challenge

Published on September 2, 2015 10:42 am, by

So who read my grocery challenge?  About 2 months ago I challenged myself to get my weekly grocery bill under $300.

The challenge continues each week for me to be mindful with my money.  Let’s have a look at how I went last week – remembering that my initial weekly spend averaged over $400.

My strategy for getting my spending down  

  • Go through the grocery catalogues on Tuesday
  • Shop online early Friday for delivery the following Wednesday night – this allows me to stock up on milk and eggs, at the same time shopping through the catalogue and online specials. I can also take advantage of the Coles free Wednesday delivery for shops over $100.
  • Visit 1 or 2 grocery stores to purchase what I’ve seen in the catalogue, some weeks I duck in to Woolworths and Aldi.
  • Try and stay out of the shops for the rest of the week.

What I’ve learnt

  • Fruit and veg is cheaper in the store than online unless it’s in the weekly catalogue
  • You can’t beat Aldi for tinned pineapple, pasta and other sauces, bread and nuts
  • IGA and SupaBarn often have better meat sales than Coles and Woolworths

So how does MoneyBrilliant help me see how I’m going?

Firstly I’ve opened an account and linked all my accounts

Next I check transactions are categorised properly, most of this is automated, though I need to tweak a few things

Dashboard View
I go to the dashboard view which gives me a
quick glimpse of my last 30 days spending.

I can hover over each shaded area to get the
exact spending figure for the last 30 days.

Since I’m interested groceries I hover over
the grocery section.  I want to know about the
last 7 days so I drill down further by
clicking “view more reports”.


Grocery challenge


Today I find out that in the last 7 days I have spent $389.66.

Looks like a massive fail!!

But there was a day my husband came shopping with me…..and stocked up on personal care items at a cost of $48.  So if I recategorise that transaction, we are under $350.

The great thing about the MoneyBrilliant app is that I always know where I’m at.  I like to check the last 7 days for instant feedback and the last 30 days to get a weekly average on how I’m going.

I am happy that my average spend has dropped from over $400 to under $350.  But I think I can do better.  And I will keep my eye on my dashboard to check that I am!!


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