8 tips to shopping happy in December

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When December hits, it’s every man and woman for themselves! From the shops in the City to Westfield Mall as well as the Outlets…..there are people everywhere!

Let me share my top 8 tips for surviving. I’ll leave off the do your shopping in November tip. It’s too late!

#1 Take your headphones it’s crazy times in the shops right now.  Normally it’s easy to tune out, but the volumes of screaming babies, loud and noisy kids as well as the general hustle and bustle can be distracting.  Pop in some tunes, and you can do some bopping with your shopping.

#2 Go early not only are the queues to check out shorter, it’s so much easier to find a car spot.  Also getting out of car parks seems to get exponentially worse as the day goes on.

#3 Have a mission strolling through the shops, getting ideas and taking the time to make your purchases is a great strategy 2 months before Christmas.  With less than 2 weeks to go strolling is a challenge.  There’s hustle and bustle with lots of hands reaching for things on the racks.

#4 Changing rooms not quite sure what to say here, except the queues are long, long, long, so bring your patience and if you bought your headphones you’ll get to chill out while you wait.

#5 If you’ve left it this long, go on Christmas Eve I have it on good authority that the crowds have thinned significantly and as an added bonus more and more items are going on sale as the shops try to move stock before Boxing Day sales.

#6 Kids, kids, kids if you can leave them at home.  If they’re anything like mine, they slow you down, want food & drinks as soon they hit the shops and just aren’t as focused as you are on getting the shopping done!!  When school holidays start, look for the responsible 15 or 16-year-old in your street and pay them $15 an hour to play with your kids. It’s worth it.

#7 Find your items online first know which shop to go to and how much the item is.  This will save you significant time in shops pricing and/or purchasing.

#8 Grocery stores are just as busy as the other shops. The further into December it gets, the better it is to consider an online shop for most items, even if you just duck into a store for fresh items.  The less time spent in the busy aisles of the local supermarket the happier your will feel!

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