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In Sydney, nothing says Easter like the Royal Easter Show. A “must do” for lots of Sydney Siders as well as a fair few out of town visitors.

It’s a great day out, but be warned, it’s not a cheap day out. If you’re a yearly visitor, you probably have some tips and tricks for saving a few dollars. We have a few ideas that might help you spend a little less on your fun day out.


Finding discount tickets to the Easter Show has been difficult this year. In years gone by, we’ve been able to find discounted tickets through NRMA and other memberships. Not so, this year.

Nevertheless here are a few tips to saving on your entry:

  • If you prefer the evening, go in after 4 pm, ticket prices are significantly less. Adults tickets reduce by $7 from the daily official price and children are $13 off.
  • Purchase ShowLink tickets which include travel to & from the Easter show via train, light rail, bus and ferry
  • Wednesday 19th April is kid’s day & kid’s tickets are half price
  • Don’t park – it’s $25 to enter and parking can reach capacity especially on weekends

ShowLink tickets are available at a 10% discount through Woolworths at participating stores.


Take your lunch in with you. If you intend on spending all day there, the cost will add up very quickly. It’s easy enough to pack a bag of snacks & sandwiches, and you won’t have to spend time lining up.

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t take your dinner in as well!

Show Bags 

Plan what you are going to buy before you go. Finding value for money in showbags can be challenging, your best chance is to peruse the offerings from the comfort of your couch, decide and swing by and grab what you are after on the way out.

Sydney Royal Easter Showbags


Rides work on a ticketed system where you buy in bulk.

You will be encouraged to purchase lots; however, the savings aren’t actually huge enough to justify you buying the largest packs if you think you may not use them.

We suggest you go low, and if you want to spend more time on the rides, buy extra tickets.

Take cash 

There aren’t a lot of ATMs at the show, so we recommend you work out your budget and take cash with you. Save yourself a long wait in the queue and ATM fees.


Check out the Sydney Royal Easter Show website and get yourself in the know. Deciding where you want to go, what you want to see and how much things cost will help you set and stick to your budget for the day.

You can even add your spending limit to your budget in MoneyBrilliant. After you’ve been, go back in and see how well you did at sticking to your limit!

And lastly, enjoy.

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