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Sub-Category – Personal Care

Spending on Personal Care can vary significantly. If you pop cosmetics and other such items in the cart at the supermarkets, it can also be a little hidden. If you do this, and you want to shine a spotlight on your spending in the Personal Care category we suggest that you either do this part of your cart as a separate transaction or split the transaction. Here is the FAQ for how to split the transaction:

Like other categories, some of the tricks to spending less include looking at catalogues and purchasing discounted e-Gift cards. Also sticking to the spending limit that you set.

We had a look around and these are some of the e-Gift card’s we could find:

  • Priceline 10% off – AGL Rewards
  • Priceline 10% off – Entertainment book
  • Priceline 10% off – NIB
  • David Jones 8% off – AGL Rewards
  • Kmart 5% off – AGL Rewards
  • Big W 5% off – Entertainment Book
  • Big W 5% off – AGL Rewards
  • Sephora 7% off – AGL Rewards

Note, sometimes members are offered a larger discount for a promotional period, and over time they can also change. Some rewards programs won’t allow you to access them without being a member – hence the above list is a little limited. Make sure you check your own Rewards programs for things like health insurance, electricity and auto clubs to see what you can access. The above discounts are correct on 5 December 2019.

When it comes to Priceline, we have noted if Chemist Warehouse is an option, often their Personal Care items such as cosmetics and perfume can be more than 10% cheaper.

As always, use what you have at your disposal – the internet is a great spot for finding where you can pick up what you need at the cheapest price.

Sub-Category – Gym & Fitness

Joining a gym can be a long-term commitment. If you’re a current member, it’s worth reassessing if you are getting the value from your membership or if stopping your membership or changing to a cheaper/closer gym will see you get more value. It’s also worth remembering that there are many low cost and free options available online if you have the space and discipline to work out at home.

For current gym members –

  • Check in with how often you go – is it enough to justify the cost
  • If you don’t go, but don’t want to lose an old/low rate, consider putting your membership on hold – if you don’t miss it, cancel it
  • If you have health insurance, you might want to check if you can get a rebate
  • If you are super happy with your gym membership, then that’s great news!

For those who are considering joining a gym or changing gyms. Be mindful of when you join. Are you caught up in a New Year’s Resolution, a discounted joining fee or somebody else’s excitement? Take the time to think about it before you sign a contract because six or 12 months can be a long time to pay for something that you really don’t use.

We suggest asking the gym for a trial or sussing out short term membership so you can see whether you’re committed enough to go often enough to make the outlay worth it.

If you do want to join a gym, we suggest checking how you can make it cheaper.

Some ideas:

  • Ask the gyms to negotiate – often they will
  • Ask around and see what others pay for the same gym, then ask the gym to match that price
  • Do a search online to see if anybody is trying to offload their contract at a reasonable price
  • If you have health insurance, see if your insurance gives you any rebate on the gym and other memberships
  • Check your rewards programs, for example, NIB offers 15% discount to some gyms
  • If you work in the corporate sector, often gyms will give you a corporate discount
  • Get the plan that most suits you – for example, some gyms offer off-peak memberships depending when you will visit

 And for some more information on gym memberships and canceling, please see this link:

Sub-Category – Hair & Grooming

 Like other Service categories, Hair & Grooming is one where you can often find a happy medium. Of course, that will mean different things to different people.

There are salons who charge exorbitantly, some that are reasonable, and some that offer great value for money.

If you have an amazing hairdresser and you can’t give them up, then maybe their salon offers off-peak pricing. If that’s not an option and you still want to spend less, then maybe you can draw out your visits a little longer. E.g. instead of going every 4 weeks, go every 6 weeks or instead of going every 6 weeks go every 9 weeks. Over time these savings will add up.

There is also the option of once a year going somewhere amazing and then visiting somewhere that offers more value for money in between times to maintain that amazing cut that you’ve been given.

And if you really don’t mind where you go, check out what’s available locally. Going the extra distance might be worth it if you save $10 or $20 each time.

Of course, for colour there is the option of at-home colours. And ask around, you might find amazing hairdressers working out of their home who charge less than you would pay for the salon experience.

Sub-Category – Beauty

Sub-Category – Cosmetics

 These categories can add up if you like to pamper yourself. This includes things like:

  • Makeup
  • Manicures & pedicures
  • Spa treatments
  • Waxing

In this category we can suggest a few things:

  • Set a limit and stick to it
  • Take a defined break, e.g. 1 month or 3 months, from making purchases in this category
  • Pamper yourself at home by doing your own nails or home waxing
  • Make sure you use up all the makeup etc. you already have at home before buying more
  • If you’re loyal to one salon, look around and make sure that you’re not paying too much for the service
  • Check out sales and specials – think Groupon, Scoopon and local promotions

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