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When it comes to travel insurance and international travel, it really is a must. Getting sick or needing care overseas can leave you in a very vulnerable position.

The key things with travel insurance are making sure that what you need is covered. Check through policy options and if there are things you can do without if you lose, then make the choice about whether to include that.

You may have options to include or exclude things like luggage costs, digital device costs, car excesses, etc.

Our tip though is to always make sure that medical-related costs are covered.

Check excluded activities and if you’re intending on doing one or more of them, then find somebody else who will cover you. This can include things like rock-climbing, scuba diving, etc.

If you are taking out travel insurance and looking to find the lowest cost, there are some things you may be able to do:

  • Shop around
  • Take out a higher excess
  • Ask your travel agent if they can beat the price
  • Get a discount from one of your service providers – e.g. auto clubs

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When it comes to international travel, many travellers are savvy about finding the best cost flight to suit their purposes. If you’re not too fussy about stopover times and places, departure and arrival times, then the best thing you can do is spend some time online on comparison flights.

Once you have found the cheapest and/or most convenient flight, you have the option of booking it or contacting a travel agent to see if they can beat the price and/or book the flight for you.

We have found that booking through a travel agent means that if anything goes awry – like a leg of your flight is changed and you can no longer make the other leg, having a travel agent to get things sorted for you is priceless. They can speak with the airline and arrange a change of flight and/or advocate for you to be put up in a hotel room at the airline’s expense if you end up stranded for a while.

When it comes to domestic travel, the options are very similar, though most often without the risk of connecting flights changing to mess up your plans. Given this, often the quickest & cheapest thing to do is jump online, find the cheapest flight and book it.

Of course, if you have time to wait, it’s great to sign up to emails and get notified of any sales, though for public holidays and events, often the more time before traveling you book, the cheaper the flights.

Getting around at your destination for less

The best way to trim your travel expenses out and about is by doing some research before you go and knowing your options.

Questions to ask –

  • Are the subway/trains cheaper and more convenient or buses?
  • What is the driving culture like? Is renting a car a viable option?
  • What sort of experience do you want to have when you travel, do you want to get quickly between places or go slow and savour?
  • How much are taxis to get around?

Questions you should ask about public transport –

  • Do you need a travel card? Is there off-peak travel?
  • Can you pay for travel on the bus or train or do you need to prepay?

If you’re renting a car –

  • Ask your travel agent for advice if you used one to purchase flights
  • You can go on comparison sites and look for the best price
  • Don’t get a bigger car than what you need
  • Consider carefully the excess if you’re in an accident and set it appropriately – a bigger excess can mean a lower daily cost
  • Ask the car dealer for the best place and days to get petrol, and then ask somebody local as well

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Accommodation is such a competitive space that finding the right thing at the right price has become easier for those who take the time to look around. Check across a variety of sites for the best price, and often if you find the cheapest price and call or email the place directly they will match or beat the price you have found.

We suggest checking a variety of these sites –

  • Airbnb
  • Expedia

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