The 9 ways we saved $$$ in 2015

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As we lead in to 2016 and another year tips over, it’s a great time to think back over what you’ve achieved over the last twelve months.

For some of us it will be health and fitness, others the memory of a long awaited holiday or house purchase, for others a new baby.  Whatever it was for you, reflecting can draw out the joy some more!

In the MoneyBrilliant office it’s the perfect time to look back on the things we actually did to save over the last year.  They weren’t all quick wins, some took a bit of effort, but when we reflect on our savings, we’re pretty chuffed.

Here’s hoping you can use at least one to make some savings in 2016.  Feel free to share your tips and/or achievements too!  Here’s ours from most saved to least –

Changed grocery shopping habits – changed to a mix of online Coles/Woolworths and Aldi, saving approx. $120 per week.  Total savings = $6,240

Changed holiday dates – 2 weeks in New Zealand at Christmas postposed to Easter.  Flights for 5 $2,300 instead of $4,300.  Total savings = $2,200.   Bonus savings on accommodation for 5 days it is needed.

Bringing lunch 2 x a week – instead of buying out.  Saving approx. $25 per week.  Total savings = $1,300

Negotiated home loan interest rate – rang the bank and asked for an interest rate decrease.  Received 0.25% off the rate on a $520,000 home loan.  Total Savings = $1,300

Reviewed mobile phone contracts – Made the switch from contracts to SIM only plans.  Went from 3 phones to 4, and $150 per month to $90.  Total savings = $720

No more water bottles on the go – stocked up on BPA free water bottles for the family and remembered them when we went out for the day.  Even with the initial outlay of $60, we saved at least $15 per week or $780 over the year.  Total savings = $720

Alcohol the opinion is split here between Dan Murphy’s, Aldi & auction websites.  Either way making the switch has saved a minimum of $10 per week.  Total savings = $520

Researched the best car insurance went on to a comparison site and found the options that were cheaper than our current car insurance.  Premium reduced from $1,196 to $846, total savings = $350

Reviewed landlords insurance policy – made the switch from a $600 policy to $280.  Total savings = $320

And the one we couldn’t crack.  The daily coffee, but if we had we could have saved another $960 each.

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