The results are in; smaller petrol stations really are (a lot) cheaper

Published on October 26, 2016 8:16 am, by

It’s official! Real-time data shows that the independent petrol stations are cheaper than the chains.

Not only that, they are a lot cheaper. Even when using 4c per litre petrol discounts you are very likely to be paying a premium over what you would pay elsewhere within your own suburb.

But don’t take our word for it. Check it out yourself! I did and I was more surprised than I thought I would be. The cheapest fuel within a 2km radius of my home was 109.9c per litre. The Coles Express we often go to was 120.9c per litre. The Coles Express that we regularly pop to in the next suburb over was 126.6c per litre. That’s a difference of 17c per litre, and if we put in 50 litres at a time, that’s a difference of $8.50 every time we fill up!

We suggest you check your MoneyBrilliant profile and see how much you have spent on petrol in the last three months. Apply a discount of 15% on that amount, and find out how much a little bit of effort could have saved you. According to Canstar data, the average driver spends $144 per month in petrol. If this is you, and you shop without checking prices, your potential savings are $260 for the year.

We have listed the apps you can use to get the most up to date data per state.

New South Wales and Western Australia

New South Wales and Western Australia residents have access to sites with real-time information, so when you hit the road, you can check for your cheapest petrol real time.

The NSW Fuel Price site is updated with real-time information.

WA Fuel Watch goes a step further with retailers required to notify their next day’s prices by 2pm. They are then required to stay at that price for 24 hours from 6am the next morning, meaning all day you will receive that price at that petrol station for that fuel type. You also have the added advantage after 2.30pm of knowing today’s and tomorrow’s prices, so you can hold off or fill up accordingly.

All states excluding New South Wales and Western Australia

MotorMouth is a national website where petrol station owners and motorists can enter fuel prices as they see them or as they purchase.

In Queensland and Victoria RACQ and RACV are developing their websites to provide real-time price comparisons. In the interim, you can check their websites for a fair fuel price. You will get the highest and lowest prices in your area, the average price and a recommended highest price to pay.

In South Australia RAA provides a fair price guide similar to that available with RACQ and RACV. Unlike RACQ and RACV they are not planning on providing petrol station specific data due to an agreement between the fuel companies and ACCC.

In the Northern Territory and Tasmania the AANT and RACT direct motorists to use the MotorMouth app.

In Canberra, the ACT Fuel Watch provides individual petrol station price data that is sourced by Petrol Spy and refreshed every 15 minutes. Petrol Spy operates similarly to MotorMouth.

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