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The return of an old favorite

Published on June 1, 2016 8:58 am, by

The latest updates are in, and there is a return of an old favourite.

Custom Categories are back!
Yes you can once again create your own categories in MoneyBrilliant! We just ask you to please be considerate when creating this as the system has a extensive set of predefined categories that we believe suit most of your needs. We also encourage our users to start using Tags. Tags allow you to group transactions within or across different categories, for example if you have an investment property you can tag every transaction associated to this as  “Investment House”.  Also you will see some changes to the categorisation screen and the ability to now add tags from this screen.

Read more about tags and creating custom categories in our FAQs.


Search by category or synonyms
In the categorisation screen you will find a search box. When you start typing a category name in the box you will see categories that match your search. We will also suggest categories that are similar to your search. For example if you type Crossfit we will suggest the Gym membership category. This should make finding the right category much faster.

Closed accounts
When you have inactive accounts or products that you have closed you will now see a flag next to them to show this.
This will also impact the summary of balances and the refresh processes, these accounts will not be refreshed anymore but you will still be able to access their transaction history and build reports for these accounts.

Define a transaction as an existing bill
Sometimes the description of a bill changes, either because the provider changed it or because you changed the account where it gets debited and MoneyBrilliant can then lose track of these transactions as bills.
To help , you can now mark the new transaction as an existing bill from the Transactions and we will keep tracking all new transactions together with the old ones.

Thanks to our users for bringing this to our attention.

Report fixes
There has been a range of minor usability fixes to the new reports section please make sure you login and access your reports and remember to contact support if you need any help.

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