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Today MoneyBrilliant got even more brilliant

Published on November 21, 2016 1:33 am, by

Log in to MoneyBrilliant and you will see more than just account aggregation, spending reports, and a simple budget. Now you can take complete control and make better decisions about the money priorities that are important to you.

What’s changed? The MoneyBrilliant app is available across mobile and desktop. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can keep stay completely on top of your money.

The numbers that matter to you are managed through dashboards. In the Overview, Safe Spending helps you manage your money even better on the run. Optimise my Banking has the tools to make sure your banking structure meets your spending and saving needs. In Manage my Spending you will find a budget to blow your socks off. Most of the great things you already love remain, including account aggregation and spending reports.

The Overview dashboard is where you will access Safe Spending and your transactions that are uncategorised. Safe Spending will take your current credit balances, deduct your upcoming bills and any funds you need to cover big future bills and give you a figure that you can safely spend while at the same meeting all our upcoming commitments. To use this, you will need to set up your budget first.

The Optimise my Banking priority helps you get your banking structure right by checking all your connected accounts and making recommendations for where you can merge accounts, close accounts or open accounts to better suit your circumstances. This helps you simplify your banking structure, making it easier to understand and potentially reduce your fees.

MoneyBrilliant optimise my banking

Manage my Spending holds your bills calendar, your budget and spending reports. This is where you forward plan the next twelve months. The budget takes an average of your spending over the last 3 months to start you off, then you can plot in bills, expenses and set limits on your discretionary spending, so you are completely in control. Not only that the budget links to the new and improved Safe Spending feature.

MoneyBrilliant budget

After you have been through the set up for Optimise my Banking and Manage my Spending you can go back to these dashboards at any time to track how you are going against your plan.

MoneyBrilliant keep track

Keep an eye on your Activity Feed as well. In there you will find tasks for your completion and articles for you to read. The articles will become more and more helpful the better we get to know you, and the content will match your money priorities and goals.

MoneyBrilliant activity

Download the new release of MoneyBrilliant from Google Play or the App store, or visit our updated website.

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