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Welcome to the Manage My Debt pilot program

Published on August 17, 2017 10:00 pm, by

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to take part in our Manage My Debt pilot program.

Over 6 months we will help you get your debt under control and get you on the path to a better life by helping you:

  • setup your MoneyBrilliant account
  • connect all of your financial accounts, assets and liabilities
  • take stock of your financial position and your debt
  • understand the common mental models that cause debt problems and how you can conquer them
  • identify your values and goals and check for alignment with your debts
  • create a budget that helps you achieve your debt goals
  • build a debt management plan and stick to it
  • review your progress regularly through one on one sessions with your Money Coach

The program is based on a series of weekly emails, each designed to help you build understanding, new skills and habits and a debt management plan followed by monthly progress check ins with your Money Coach.

You will also be invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group just for MoneyBrilliant Manage My Debt participants where you can share ideas about debt, money behaviours and managing your money as well as talk with your Money Coaches.

To get the maximum benefit from this program there are some rules you will have to follow:

  • You must have a MoneyBrilliant Plus subscription .This will cost you $9.90 a month (or $99 for a year), so the minimum cost for you to complete the pilot program will be $59.40
  • You must connect at least your debts including home loans and credit cards as well as your main transaction bank account to your MoneyBrilliant account and do whatever else might be necessary to have your main income and expense data coming into MoneyBrilliant – we need this data to help you
  • You must be willing to share your MoneyBrilliant data with your Money Coach if you need us to help you with your tasks and so we can prepare for each monthly coaching session
  • You must make yourself available once a month during business hours to speak with your Money Coach
  • You must complete the initial MoneyBrilliant profile setup questions accurately – we need this data to help you
  • You must complete the pre-program survey that will be included in set of tasks for Week 1. We use this data to assess the effectiveness of the program. You must also be willing to provide us with feedback on the program from time to time
  • You must make a reasonable effort to complete each of the Boot Camp activities and tasks we give you
  • You must be a MoneyBrilliant customer – if you are an adviser, adviser-client, accountant or mortgage broker and you are interested in the Boot Camp please contact us directly. We will be happy to provide you with detail about the program but please don’t take up a space on the program that could be given to someone who really needs help to manage their debt

If you have any questions about the Manage My Debt program or rules, you can contact us at

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Peter is the CEO of MoneyBrilliant. He has over 20 years experience in banking, insurance and accounting. Peter has three sons, ranging in age from 16 to 3, is a sport and fitness fanatic and a volunteer firefighter. He is passionate about improving people's lives through making financial services more accessible.

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