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Why I’m grateful I had the opportunity to invest in me

Published on May 19, 2015 10:01 am, by

This year I made a promise to myself to invest more in me and spend less money on stuff.  I’d been loving the kindness cards initiative from the Wake-up Project  so jumped on the chance to attend the Women Leading Change event over the weekend.

I was a bit nervous of what it would be like. I’d never been to one of these events before and was worried that I would look out of place or would be stuck talking to a crazy hippy. Not the case!

The 800 strong crowd (of mostly women with a few brave men thrown in), were one of the most engaged and caring audiences I’d sat amongst.

Each speaker was a courageous, strong, and inspiring woman – who had lived a full life of ups and down’s just like the rest of us –were great story tellers and had us all living the moment with them.

I’m sure each of us in the audience came away with something different as we connected with the thoughts or sayings that we needed to hear right now.  There’s a lot I could write but I’ll stick to the one liners that stood out for me throughout the day.

First up was Yoga Guru, Seane Corn,  who gave an honest account of life and death, how to be your authentic self, by Feeling it, Dealing with it, Adapting and Breathing.

‘IGNORE THE STORY – See the soul’ was a gentle reminder to see past what’s in front of you and really connect with people from the inside.

This next advice from Petrea King  really resonated with me, and it feels like something we should all commit to;  Four C’s for life.

  1. Control your response to life (and move the energy along). Encouraging response over a reaction.
  2. Commit to living a life with purpose. If you’re not – why not? What are you spending your time doing? Make sure you keep ‘good company’.
  3. Challenge yourself. Keep on pushing yourself to try new things, do things differently and go outside of your comfort zone.
  4. Connection – Be present and connect with the people that are important to you.

Something else she talked a lot about was second nature and how we’re encouraged to make things second nature. BUT WHAT ABOUT FIRST NATURE? What did you naturally lean towards doing as a kid. Why aren’t you doing more of that as an adult?

Tara Moss  was next (gosh she’s tall!), and talked about the need to pay attention to the labels we give ourselves (example, good with money, bad with money, bossy, stupid etc) and that we needed to learn self-care with her non-negotiables.

Prioritise your health + Value your time = Mind your Money

Sarah Wilson,(Famous for her I Quit Sugar Program) has great perspective around how powerful choice is when you’ve been rendered Choiceless, and I must say I was impressed with her non-consumerism attitude and rejection of materialism –not wanting to own stuff (even when clearly, she’s doing amazing and could probably buy anything she wants!).

Like the others she practiced her own rituals to help her through the day.

  1. Sit with yourself. Meditate if you can, or if you suck at meditating like me, it’s enough to just be still – stare at nature and just be.
  2. Light and Shade – She only works in two spends – Hard and Back up – and really throws cold water on the idea of work life balance.
  3. Transparent – be truthful.
  4. Enter the Fray – don’t sit on the sidelines, get in there and get messy with it.

The colourful Lucy Perry had me in tears of laughter recounting her birthing story, but had some great wisdom to share about staying true to yourself, how to show courage and bravery faced with adversity (she had just been sacked from her CEO role), and reinforced how important it was to have your own cheer squad around you.
She mentioned how important it was to have Fun – and how she likes to turn everything in the workplace into a game – tapping into her and her colleagues competitive nature.

Wow, Clare Bowditch, you are so much fun. I’d admired you as a singer, but I loved your honesty and energy you brought to the room. How you managed to get a room full of people singing round robin accapella is amazing – and it really lifted the vibrations in the room.  Your no bullshit approach was spot on, and poked fun at the ‘quest’ for answers respectfully, and kept it real.

‘Best thing about Cliché’s is they are ‘Fu**N’ true!. So, pick a cliché any cliché’ and live by it – you’ll be ok!

Trust your experience, question what’s holding you back? What are all your excuses and work on the Why Not!

And there was so much more (apologies to the speakers I didn’t write about), but I’ll leave that for more personal reflection.  All these women were successful and were happy to share what’s working for them in the hope it could help others.

There’s no magic pill to getting it right, but one thing it did reaffirm for me was Empowerment -taking control of your life.

If you want to design a life you love, it’s possible – but you have to put in the work.  Happy Living!

p.s. We were given a copy of Woman Kind Magazine and loved it. Maybe you will too!


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