Women are Awesome

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Today is International Women’s Day and we’d like to share some facts you may not know about women as well as some of the reasons we think that women are awesome –

Women are smart.
Over the last 100 years of IQ testing intelligence has increased in both genders.  Women’s intelligence has increased faster, starting from 5 points lower than men, to overtaking.  Two suggested theories are firstly that the demands of juggling family and careers have made women more intelligent, and secondly that women always had the potential for higher results but hadn’t realised.

Women are often good people managers.
In the battle of the sexes women are generally better at listening, mentoring, problem solving and multi tasking than men.  This can lead to a better outcome for employees where their coaching and development is based on being listened to and understood.

Mum’s a woman.
What can I say?  From career woman by day to CEO, COO and CFO by night.  Women by nature are versatile, add in the fact that they can multi task and stuff just gets done.

Women make a lot of the day to day money management decisions.
In a report on Household monies and decision making the Department of Social Services suggest that in 75-80% of family’s decisions about where to spend money is joint.  In more than 90% of families the woman maintains control of day to day spending decisions including purchasing all child related goods and services.

If you want somebody to tell you the truth and do it nicely talk to a woman.
Apparently on average men lie twice as much each day as women do.  Women are also thought to be more diplomatic.

Gender stereotypes are often overly exaggerated to the detriment of women.
A much reported and quoted 2007 “study” suggested that women speak more than men, with women speaking on average 20,000 per day and men speaking 7,000.  A more recent controlled study by a psychology professor showed the gap to be less significant, with women at 16,215 and men at 15,669.

Women look after us when we are sick.
In the 2011 census it was reported that 90% of nurses in Australia are women and the number of female doctors is on the rise.

The gender pay gap…..
From data gathered in November last year the Workplace Gender Equality Agency reports that the average weekly earnings of women working full time was $1,325.10 per week where that of men working full time was $1,602.80.

Stress factors for women are different to those for men.
The Australian Psychological Association reports that women are more likely than men to stress about money, 53% of women compared to 44% of men.  Women are much more likely to stress about family, relationships, and health – their own and others.

Women are tidier than men.
A huge generalisation I know, however studies available suggest that women are tidier than men and tend to have a cleaner house!

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