Your first day in the office. Six tips on how to make it work

Published on March 29, 2015 4:39 pm, by

New job jitters are normal. And even if Zooey Deschanel makes it look good, no one likes being the “new girl” for long. At MoneyBrilliant we care about your wellness – both figuratively and financially – and want you to transition smoothly into a stable career. But because we know the journey of a thousand miles (or meetings!) begins with one step, we’re sharing our tips on making your first impression count (with a few sneaky financial tips snuck in). Consider it an inside job!

1. Research your recruitment
Be prepared with background company info and made a good first impression with appearance. Getting off on the right foot, can be as simple as choosing the right shoes. No one wants to be known for her saturday night six inch stilettos, when they’re surrounded by a sea of sneakers. Attention to appearance and attitude shows a willingness to fit in with company culture.

2. Take the initiative with introductions
Network like it’s nobodies business! Say hello in the elevator, kitchen or bathroom and meet as many of your colleagues as you can. It will pay off in the end. Start with the group that’s closest to you, the people you’re directly working with, and broaden your circle. Short on confidence? Fake it till you make it.

3. Locate a leader … Or at least an EA
Make it your mission to meet a mentor. Befriend an long-service stayer or an Executive Assistance who can help you navigate politics (and find the stationary cupboard). Learn who the players are in the games of office politics, but don’t pledge your allegiance and pick sides yet …

4. Get the drinking and dining details
It goes without saying that you should keep the kitchen clean. Find out the unwritten office rules so you don’t break them. Who washes the dishes? Which shelves are communal? Should you steal the contents of that un- labelled lunch box (Answer: Depends on contents… joke!). Away from the office, find your go-to local for morning mochas and after-hours amaretto sours. Use the opportunity to speak with your new team, by asking them how they take their tea and offering to grab one for them too. It’s a great way to break the ice (-d frappe) and show you’re team player

5. Sort out the salary situation
Not negotiating it, which we will assume is done at dusted at this point, but be prepared for the administrative questions that need to be attended to (bank details; tax file number; superannuation fund). And while we’re talking wealth, it goes without saying that a new job and hopefully increase in salary is a great time to start saving. Set up a salary deduction or salary sacrifice to your online savings account. If you it set up from your first pay you will never miss the money.

6. New job. New Starts
The best part of being the new girl? Getting to re-invent yourself. (And not just in an Angelia Jolie swaps black leather for humanitarian gear kind of way). Use the opportunity to establish good habits and get organised from the start. It’s also time to take the chances to overcome any challenges or weaknesses from your past. For example if you’ve struggled with time management, create a to-do-list and stick with it.

Have you got any helpful tips for starting a new job? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below