October 19, 2017 /

How do I set up and use the Bills feature? (video)

Click on the link below to watch a short video on setting up and using the Bills feature. Setting up... View Article


November 15, 2016 /

How do I set alerts for my bills?

Mobile From App Settings select Alerts. From here you will be directed to Communication Settings. In here you are able... View Article


November 6, 2016 /

How do I match a transaction to a bill?

Occasionally Bills does not automatically recognise a transaction as your bill. When you recognise a transaction that was not matched to a... View Article


November 6, 2016 /

How do I edit a Bill?

You can edit your bills by navigating to the biller you wish to edit. Mobile – Access My Bills by... View Article


November 6, 2016 /

How do I set up bills?

There are 3 ways to set up your bills: 1. Select from a list of suggested bills 2. Create a... View Article


November 6, 2016 /

What is Bills?

Bills is a MoneyBrilliant feature to help you never miss a bill payment again. Setting up bills is easy because... View Article