May 29, 2017 / Money

Australians pay $31 billion in super fees each year

Recently in the media, there has been hype surrounding superannuation fees, and how they are split across the industry between... View Article


May 25, 2017 / Life, Money

Are we giving kids the money skills to live better lives?

A new report issued yesterday shows that the financial literacy of Australian teenagers has declined significantly since 2012. Australian teenagers... View Article


May 10, 2017 / Money

Is your Credit Card the Best one for You?

Credit cards are not all created equal! This is for you if you don’t pay off your credit card balance... View Article


May 10, 2017 / Money

The 2017 Federal Budget and You!

Scott Morrison introduced the federal budget last night telling us it’s about fairness, opportunity and security. But what does that... View Article


May 3, 2017 / Money

Your Average Daily Cost of Living – April 2017

The concept of getting ahead financially is deceptively simple – earn more and spend less. If we can do this... View Article


May 1, 2017 / Money

Is any of the $14 billion in lost super yours?

At the end of June 2016, the Australia Tax office (ATO) reported that there were over 5.7 million lost and ATO-held... View Article


April 26, 2017 / Money

Did anyone lose $1.1 billion?

Yesterday the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) released a statement urging people to check for unclaimed money. The current... View Article


April 9, 2017 / Money

Your average daily cost of living for March 2017 – going up, down or staying the same?

The concept of getting ahead financially is deceptively simple – earn more and spend less. If we can do this... View Article


March 31, 2017 / Money

$5m in credit card fees being refunded to Citibank, Virgin Money and Bank of Queensland customers

Citibank announced today that it was refunding almost $5 million in overseas transaction fees to almost 230,000 customers. The refunds... View Article


March 27, 2017 / Life, Money

Are you paying too much for Pay TV?

Remember when Pay TV was new? There was only one provider and it was pretty expensive! If you were an... View Article


March 14, 2017 / Money

CBA to pay additional super payments to approx. 7,000 current & previous part-time staff

The Commonwealth Bank have reviewed their position on superannuation payments to part-time employees after the Financial Services Union (FSU) approached... View Article


March 7, 2017 / Money

Want to save money on your gym membership?

Gym memberships are a great way to stay fit and healthy. If you have one and use it regularly, chances are... View Article